DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Phone stabilizer


With new features, better steadycam smarts, better battery, and a more affordable price there’s plenty to like about the osmo mobile 2

Better battery life
Zoom handles
Portrait mode
Electric battery isn’t replaceable
No more side mount for exterior mics


Many of us use our smartphones to film, which a given. But even with the high-end touch screen phones having built-in stablisation, online video captured on the move still comes out unreliable. This is where the osmo mobile 2 gimbal system comes in. Dji is taking its already very good osmo touch screen phone steadycam and boosting it for the sequel.

The new dji osmo portable 2 premiered at de telles 2018 and promises to nullify camera shake, trail objects, and today let you film in portrait setting. We had an use the show floor with the new 2nd technology osmo mobile to learn what it’s all about.

Fresh design and new focus keys
New zoom control keys
Better button configuration
0.25 standard accessory fitting for tripods
Weighs 485 gr
The appearance of the new osmo mobile 2 follows the same approach as the original, but sees a number of improvements.

With all the first generation model, dji utilised nylon and magnesium (mg) alloy for a high quality, solid feel, this time out, the corporation trapped with just the high performance nylon which makes it ever so a bit lighter. But has made it less expensive to build.

A big addition these times is the add-on of zoom controls on the handle allowing you control zooming via your thumb rather than on screen, while a reconfiguration of the buttons should make things better to control everything generally.

Buttons have been simplified with some of them doubling or tripling up on tasks, and for many who want to use a tripod with the osmo mobile 2 there is a 0.25 standard accessory mount at the bottom. Even more professional users may be a bit disappointed to see there is longer an equipment mount on the part, for conveniently attaching exterior microphones.

One major new feature this time around is portrait shooting function, presumably for snapchat enthusiasts, although you will have to lock in whether you want landscape or portrait before you start filming, you can’t move mid-way through.

Steadycam time
Improved ai activetrack technology
Uses dji’s proprietary smoothtrack technology
Ios and android os software available
15 several hours battery
Like the osmo mobile before it, the osmo mobile 2 features a volume of modes to make your video shooting as smooth as it can be. That includes smooth track mode, clean track lock, and face tracking.

It has dji’s proprietary smoothtrack technology built-in, plus a three-axis gimbal that compensates for any juddery movements or camera positions. Try as you may, it will be nearly impossible to make video look shaky with the osmo mobile 2.

One of many staples of dji’s entire ecosystem is activetrack, that allows you to bring around a subject or person and have the camera lock on to them. This, powered by ai, is possibly one of the company’s most impressive technologies.

Using “Artificial intelligence” the results are really impressive, and in our quick play were able to move these devices around while it was still capable of track the focus on subjects smoothly.

Another distinctive difference between your first style and the new model is the battery. In which the previous one experienced a removable battery, it has a non-removable interior one. While that may seem to be a downgrade, is actually not. Far from. That means it’s more powerful than previously.

You’ll now be able to use the camera stabiliser for a whopping 15 several hours between charges, that’s up from just 4 several hours in the first model and the gimbal can now charge your phone while you make use of it to lengthen your phone’s filming time. This means no more being concerned about whether or not it can survive a full day’s worth of capturing.



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