malpua Recipe


Most folks are attracted to all things sweet. Now it’s time to smother that candy teeth with love. This instantaneous malpua recipe will assist you do just that. Malpua is made with the goodness of milk, sugar and mild flavouring from cardamom pearls and saffron.

This delicious indian candy is traditionally made at some point of the festive season. This well-known indian pancake soaked in sugar syrup or rabdi may be very popular is orissa, rajasthan and elements of up and it’s made especially for the oriya festival of raja shankaranti.


It’s also made in other northern regions like bengal and assam. So the following time you’re planning an indian banquet, give this sugar covered fritters a attempt. This recipe requires only a few typically to be had elements and the malpua is to be deep-fried first after which left to soak within the flavours of the sugar syrup.

1 and 1/2 cup milk warm
Half of cup khoya grated
1 cup golden harvest maida
1 tsp saunf coarsely floor
2 tsp sugar
1 pinch salt
1 pinch baking powder
Ghee for frying
For sugar syrup
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup water
2-3 cardamom floor
8-10 strands saffron
Upload sugar, cardamom, saffron and water in a pan.

Cook till the syrup is of one string consistency.

Maintain apart.

Blend 1/2 of the warm milk and khoya in a bowl.

Mix till khoya is mixed.

Add 1/2 of the maida and mix to make a clean paste.

Upload the final maida and make a smooth paste.

Upload sugar, saunf, salt and baking powder.

Mix well.

Upload the final milk and blend well.

Maintain apart for 10 mins.

Warmness ghee in a shallow pan.

Mix the batter and pour a small ladle complete ( approx 2 tbsp ) inside the warm ghee. ( the ghee must not be too hot )

Simmer the warmth to low and fry the malpua on both the perimeters till golden brown.

Cast off from ghee and dip inside the sugar syrup for two minutes.

Serve warm as such or with kesar rabdi.



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