Mystery worm weird creatures Taiwan


This peculiar footage was shot in Taiwan as of late, by uploader Wei Cheng was one weird creatures .

He experienced this peculiar animal while angling in a port in Penghu, and shared the clasp to his Facebook page soon thereafter.


The peculiar green mass could be a lace worm, or Nemertea.

Lace worms are generally discovered tunneled away in the ocean in tropical and sub-tropical districts, however some are known not onto area, living in cool, soggy spots.


The worms have an uncommon proboscis, or sustaining tube, which it discharges when chasing.

The lace worm utilizes the proboscis to cover its prey in a thick, noxious bodily fluid which incapacitates its casualty.

Most develop to around 20 centimeters (7.9 in) long, however one was once measured at 54 meters (177 ft) long.

here is video of this worm

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