daily life of reindeer people dukha mongolia


Through his photographs of the itinerant Dukha individuals in northern Mongolia, picture taker and researcher Hamid Sardar-Afkhami issues us a phenomenal research the ordinary lives of an individuals that depend on crowds of relocating reindeer for their everyday presence.

The Dukha individuals train reindeer, riding them, reproducing them and utilizing them for milk, cheddar and hide. Shockingly, their lifestyle is vanishing as both their populaces and the sizes of the reindeer crowds reduce. Evaluations of the Dukha populace go somewhere around 200 and 400 people. Today, their essential wellspring of wage is the visitors that come to purchase their specialties and ride their reindeer.

With a Ph. D. in Sanskrit and Tibetan Studies from Harvard, Sardar-Afkhami was the ideal individual to archive the Dukha lifestyle before it vanishes. Notwithstanding these photographs, he likewise made a narrative film about the Dukha called The Reindeer People.

more info – ( hamidsardarphoto.com ,  mymodernmet, mma,bp,amzn,wiki)

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