picture’s by blind painter john bramblitt


It’s anything but difficult to envision sightlessness as a handicapping incapacity that would end a visual craftsman’s vocation, however in John Bramblitt’s case, his lack of sight was really what started his profession as a craftsman. Bramblitt started to paint in 2001, when he lost his sight because of epilepsy.

Bramblitt is “practically visually impaired,” which implies that his eyes can just separate in the middle of daylight and dimness. Regardless of this, he has built up a novel approach to paint – by utilizing textured paints to feel some way or another around the canvas. “Fundamentally what I do is supplant everything that the eyes would accomplish for a located craftsman with the feeling of touch,” he composes on his site. “The raised lines deal with discovering your position on the canvas.”

He likewise has an intriguing answer for shading; “The majority of the jugs and paint tubes in my studio are Brailled, and when blending hues I utilize formulas. As such I will allot diverse parts of every shading that I have to deliver the right shade. This is the same than utilizing a formula to prepare a cake.

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“At first the idea of being able to draw without eyesight didn’t even occur to me”



“It wasn’t until a year after going blind that I began to figure out a way to be able to draw again”



“Basically what I do is replace everything that the eyes would do for a sighted artist with the sense of touch”



“When you break it down the eyes really only do two things for a painter; they allow you to know your placement on a canvas, and it allows you determine color”



“Over time I have developed different techniques that allow me to be much more precise when it comes to me laying down the lines”



“All of the bottles and paint tubes in my studio are Brailled, and when mixing colors I use recipes… I will measure out different portions of each color that I need to produce the right hue”



“The first art shows that I did I never told anyone that I was blind”



“I didn’t tell people that I was blind not because I was ashamed, but because I didn’t want it to affect the way they perceived the art”

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