Children And Animals Cuddle


everybody loves cute kids and animals .here is a story of a cute baby girl who love to cuddle cute animals .she is so adorable and that animals it is like cutes ness overflow so ready to say awwwwwwwwwww

Children’s relationships with animals and with each other are free of many of the misconceptions and unfounded fears that can infect our minds later in life. It is this innocence that Elena Karneeva, a professional child and family photographer based in Moscow, captures in her beautiful photos of children and animals.
The children in each image seem to great the animals posing together with them as friends, rather than as dumb beasts or as food. The dogs, pigs, goats and other critters inspire beautiful rural images that remind us of another Russian photographer as well – Elena Shumilova .

see here farm animal photography with her cute kids

see here farm animal photography with her cute kids
Be sure to check out her website for her other creative photography – she’s definitely not limited to babies and animals!
More info: | 500px | Facebook | Instagram

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