wildlife photography with amelia and robin schwartz


Since she was 3 years old, Amelia has been posing with animals both exotic and common in an extraordinary photo series called Amelia and the Animals. The photographer behind the series, Robin Schwartz, is also the model’s mom!

The first photo in the book, taken in 2002, features a 3-year-old Amelia and a chimp named Ricky. Schwartz told the Telegraph that a book of chimpanzee photos she published in 1993, Like Us: Primate Portraits, had put her in contact with some “chimp people” who in turn helped open doors to access other exotic animals, like the elephants and tiger cubs that Amelia has also posed with.

Schwartz writes that her daughter is a natural around animals, showing “enormous fortitude and ingenuity in relating to each individual animal with kindness and respect” and exhibitng a calming effect on them.

More info: robinschwarttz.net | Facebook | Instagram | Amazon (h/t: telegraph)

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