Samsung mixes retro style, selfie monitor, and fast specs for latest camera


The new NX500 fits the 28-megapixel sensor of the flagship NX1 into a rangefinder body

Working off a checklist of the most popular trends in consumer cameras, Samsung is today introducing its new NX500, a camera with something for everyone. It’s built around the guts of the larger and more professional-friendly NX1 introduced at Photokina last year, which empowers it with a 28-megapixel APS-C sensor, 4K video recording at 24fps, and ISO sensitivity that maxes out at a 51,200 ISO equivalent. The NX500 has a slightly slower burst shooting mode at 9fps, but it retains the core strengths of the original while shrinking down its dimensions considerably. The NX1’s electronic viewfinder and DSLR-like hump have been trimmed away, allowing for a tilting 3-inch AMOLED touchscreen that should serve the needs of those looking to compose high-resolution selfies.

Wireless connectivity, which was the reason for calling the NX1 a Smart Camera, returns in the new NX500, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC all available, and a dedicated ‘Mobile’ button on the camera’s body to speed up the transfer of pictures off it. The NX500 is dressed up in the sort of retro styling that Fujifilm and Olympus have made popular in recent years and will be available from March in black, white, or brown for a price of $799.99 with a 16-50mm lens included.

EV-NX500_007_Right-Angle_Black.0 EV-NX500_008_Dynamic3_Brown.0 EV-NX500_004_Dynamic1_Black.0

EV-NX500_010_Dynamic6_White.0EV-NX500_003_Top_White.0 EV-NX500_002_Front_Brown.0 EV-NX500_005_Dynamic2_Brown.0



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