Renault’s Alpine Vision GT First Look


Polyphony digital’s ongoing vision gran turismo program — a partnership with real automakers to create idea automobiles for thegran turismo video game series — infantrymen on. And renault might also have simply made the most terrific vision gt vehicle but.

Take one take a look at the alpine imaginative and prescient gran turismo and you may wager that it’s a pure idea automobile through and via, however there is some thing extra to this one: renault is bringing the racing-focused alpine logo returned into manufacturing subsequent 12 months. It’s a stretch to call this vehicle a precursor to a production model, however it’s also viable that there are layout cues right here that would locate their manner into a few future alpine fashions.

The alpine imaginative and prescient gt came out of an internal competition among 15 designs, and renault simply decided to build one — there is a real version in paris proper now. It’s were given a 450-horsepower v8 engine, which won’t sound like plenty till you keep in mind that everything weighs beneath 2,000 pounds, that’s feather-light for a contemporary automobile.

Don’t expect this to ever be in a dealership, but ps3 proprietors can be capable of down load it intogran turismo 6 beginning in march.

Launch pictures

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