Resin Bracelets with Frozen Flowers



There area unit many nature motifs in jewellery and fashion, however there’s one thing special concerning having actual items of bark and nonvascular plant or dried flowers in your accessories. Sarah Smith, the Oregon-based creator behind fashionable reformist, creates hand-made rosin bracelets, bangles and earrings by forever protective real feathers, flowers, seashells and alternative lovely bits and items of nature in arduous, crystal-clear rosin.

She writes that it will take her 2-3 weeks to complete one piece – “from style, to running rosin, curing, to shaping the piece.“ fortuitously, she will take custom orders, and may produce bracelets or bangles from plants or alternative ornamental components sent in by shoppers similarly.

To see additional of her work, inspect her web site and Etsy shop!

Source: Etsy | modernflowerchild.comFacebook (h/t: colossal)

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