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Running a WordPress diary, it’s so much enough to own a decent hosting, lovely theme and content. It’s conjointly vital to investigate your web site.

You need to seek out out UN agency your audience it, UN agency square measure visiting your website, wherever they’re coming back for, what they’re reading. sadly, WordPress doesn’t go with inherent stats feature to observe traffic and guests, however there square measure definitely a couple of plugins you’ll be able to use to stay the record of your information quantity, trailing of the users and guests, tracks the offline activity, etc. A WordPress statistics plugin could be a necessary factor for your web site..

It’s very troublesome to seek out the most effective WordPress plugins as there square measure over twenty nine,000 plugins obtainable within the WordPress plugins directory.

I’m reaching to feature over ten plugins. I’m not exploitation all of them, I attempt to use as minimum plugins as I will. Why? as a result of exploitation too several plugins affects the performance of your diary. thus install plugin that you simply really want.

1- JetPack by


This is the most effective stat plugin for WordPress and, is completely for the users of WordPress, that allow them to comprehend the daily users, visitors, customization, mobile guests, tools, traffic, etc.

I’m exploitation Jetpack from the day I started this plugin. It comes with over twenty five modules to manage virtually everything on your diary. I positively suggest it.

It has extra options like:

Augments your guests, gets you spam free comments, gets you notification, likes, social sharing, alternative tools and increased distribution.
This plugin has themes obtainable for the table and mobile users and that they may be custom simply moreover.
It provides the whole security to your WordPres web site and has the anti-virus sites like Akismet, Single register, and JetPack Monitor.
You can simply customise the entire web site as per your own style. There square measure choices like Infinite Scroll, Sidebar Widgets, Custom CSS, covered Galleries and far additional.

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2- Google Analyticator:


With this plugin, you’ll be able to place in JavaScript code to permit the Google Analytics log in your web site. There square measure totally different widgets obtainable during this plugin that makes the information seem simply on your admin page and within the diary. the extra options are:

Carry the transfer link path.
Speed trailing of website.
Displays you the visitor’s datum data during a device.
Any code provided by the Google may be caterpillar-tracked.
Provides the translations into native languages.
It is straightforward to put in.
It has this feature of concealing the Google UID descends.

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3- kStats Reloaded:



Coming from the recent, however terribly helpful website StatPress, the kStat Reloaded is far prompt and advance WordPress datum plugin. This plugin has some superb options for the WordPress blogs. It helps you to inform regarding the amount of tourists, the temporal arrangement of their visit, and therefore the place of their visit, the page visits you get and what’s the assortment of your WordPress diary right away.

This advanced plugin kStat has the revised options of storing and keeping the knowledge regarding the guests and users. This plugin has bit troublesome info schemes.

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4- Blog Stats by W3Counter


This one among free statistics plugin for WordPress plugin has the device that it inserts to your sidebar mechanically with the trailing code. This plugin is incredibly abundant in use by the webmasters. it’s easy to use and might be go past any user although they are doing not apprehend abundant regarding managing these plugins. The plugin is such a lot common that it gets over thirty downloads per day. It tells you all regarding the amount of daily guests, top posts, searches and traffic coming back your method with the precise numbers.

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5- WassUp Real Time Analytics



This is terribly helpful website for those that wish to stay a watch on the visiting and therefore the activity of the guests. The WassUp has AN well console, that shows you that what square measure your guests doing on the web site.

You get to check a private act instead of the gathered information of the guests. you’ll get to check that what keyword, period of time, sort of guests, etc.

This WordPress stat plugin conjointly shows you that that traveller is on-line and what square measure they up to from that location. There square measure 2 spams detected functions square measure gift during this plugin.

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6- Analytics 360



It gathers the Google Analytics and MailChimp’s Analytics360 plugin information into one dashboard. you’ll be able to certify that users square measure adding into your list and what’s the standing of current address and therefore the new addresses. With the tab of campaign traffic, you’ll be able to severally assess that what proportion traffic is coming back towards your web site with the only email campaign.

This stats plugin for WordPress can assist you find out that that’s the new guests coming back to your web site through that reference or if they’re visiting directly. in conjunction with these main services, there square measure numerous alternative services by the Analytics 360 plugin moreover.

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7- WP-Stats-Dashboard


WP-Stats Dashboard is one among best wordpress stats plugin. This utile plugin helps you in obtaining the stats regarding your social engagement, ranking within the Alexa, diary traffic and far additional. the extra options square measure like:

Translate your page for the external users.
Chase the social metrics of 50+.
Finds the profile.
Number of stats dashboard widgets.
Provides you the sidebar widgets such as: a day graphs, social metrics, prime authors, etc.

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8- StatPress Reloaded



This WP stat plugin has the sensible offers for the WordPress blogs. you’ll be able to scrutinize the keyword search, browsers, visitors, OS data with none issue.

You can simply get the knowledge regarding your diary once you put in it on your WordPress diary. It will tell you the stats by showing it on the sidebar. With the restricted space; the plugin removes the older documentation. There square measure many language choices moreover.

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9- Advanced Blog Metrics


Progress your diary’s performance by adding this plugin to your WordPress blog. it’s the options like:

Tells you the proper time to post your unleash.
How many comments you received during a day.
Tells you the best range authors UN agency created the comments.
What is the time once your post is obtaining the foremost range of comments?

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10- WP Statistics


This plugin has its own method of grouping, generating, informing you regarding the diary statistics. It gets to understand you regarding the:

Pages that are becoming the best range of tourists.
Repost of statics through email.
Who is visiting your web site right now?
How many individuals square measure on-line on the web site right now?
Updates to the GeoIP info.

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My Suggestions

All higher than best WordPress stats plugin square measure the most effective to use for your WordPress website. Though, it’s alright once you install only 1 plug-in because the entire higher than mentioned plug-in have the most effective options.

When it involves selecting from the higher than given best WordPress stat plugin, then Jetpack appears like the foremost acceptable one for the WordPress datum plugin. i like to recommend Jetpack as a result of it comes with numerous inbuilt options like social sharing, custom css, shorten link, socialize, mobile theme and then on.

How does one track stats on your blog? What’s your favorite stats plugin for WordPress?


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