Dell’s XPS 13 2015 review


The perfect digital computer area unit a couple of things we’ve been chasing for several years. Ideally, it’s AN exceptionally light-weight, unbelievably skinny portable computer which is able to work well on our lap and slip into a handbag. It need to merely last all day or a great deal of whereas not having to be choked in. it’s to be powerful enough to simplyify carrying it around instead of simply getting everything finished a good a great deal of transferrable smartphone or pill. It terribly ought to look wise, too. Oh, and can you set a flat-out enticing 13-inch screen on it too, please, whereas not making it feel big? Thanks. No pressure.

Dell’s new XPS 13 is solely the foremost recent laptop computer that guarantees to ascertain all those boxes. It’s technically a thirteen-inch portable computer due to its thirteen.3-inch show, but it’s the size of a typical 11-inch portable computer. dell boasts that it’s the “smallest 13-inch laptop computer on the planet,” and sure, it is a significantly smaller footprint than the 13-inch MacBook Air and totally different 13-inch computers.

The XPS 13 starts at $799 and comes in a pair of configurations: a typical non-touch model with a 1080p screen and a full-touch version with a 3200 x 1800 part panel. every versions have what dell is asking AN “infinity show,” that terribly suggests that a screen with very small borders around it, facultative dell to put a much bigger show {in a|during a|in an exceedingly in a terribly} very smaller package.

I’ve never been a fan of 11-inch computers: whereas they are really a great deal of compact and transferrable than their 13-inch counterparts, the compromises you’ve got ought to type in terms of screen real-estate and keyboard comfort aren’t generally worthy. but a portable computer with a 13-inch show and additionally the footprint of AN 11-inch model? Count American state in. That’s exactly what Dell’s promising with the XPS 13, and for the foremost 0.5, it pulls it off. I’ve been practice the touchscreen model (which is out there for a steep $500 premium) for variety of weeks, and I’m pretty positive that this is {often|this can be} often a look at the long run of all laptops. But, sadly, entirely a look.


Jamming a much bigger show {in a|during a|in AN exceedingly|in a terribly} very smaller frame is such an honest conception it’s arduous to know why it took laptop computer makers this long to urge around to basically making an attempt it. It makes the laptop easier to carry, easier to balance on your lap or an honest aircraft receptacle table, easier to slip into a normal-sized bag, and easily generally makes traveling with the XPS 13 a great deal of pleasant than with larger computers. but you don’t lose any screen real-estate compared to Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Air, albeit the XPS 13 is twenty 3 p.c smaller to keep with Dell’s measurements. If totally different laptop computer makers take one thing aloof from the XPS 13, it need to be this.


dell-xps-0214.0 (1)


The actual show itself is unbelievably bright — I typically left it at 20-30 p.c brightness whereas in operation — and has nice viewing angles. The touchscreen model is filled with pixels (3200 x 1800), but though you don’t render the premium for that, the standard 1080p screen is lots hi-res. Windows 8.1’s default scaling on the Quad HD panel makes icons and screen components manner too Brobdingnagian, but adjusting it one step down and may bring a great deal of usable real-estate back. It’s terribly quite a nice show, and dell need to be proud of it.

THE XPS 13 IS AN metal laptop computer that doesn’t appear to be A MACBOOK AIR RIPOFF

dell-xps-0214.0 (2)


While there area unit myriad computers that have mimicked Apple’s MacBook Air vogue, the XPS 13 manages to incorporate AN metal finish and a trilateral whereas not wanting like one issue that unrolled of Cupertino. It’s a beautiful portable computer, its finish is darker than the sunshine silver Apple uses, and it’s complemented by a contrastive black deck for the keyboard and trackpad. The deck contains a soft-touch finish, that’s a great deal of pleasing to rest your hands on than clean metal, and it manages to hide finger grease and smudges beyond cheaper plastic materials.

You can split hairs all you would like on whether or not or not or not the dell is thinner than totally different ultrabooks or the MacBook Air, but it’s quite skinny enough to be super transferrable. Its 9mm-thick frame slips into my bag with ease, and that’s terribly all I care regarding. The touchscreen model’s a try of.8lb weight is to boot lots transferrable.

The only issue that dell didn’t terribly organized with the XPS 13 is where to put the webcam: it’s placed among the lower left corner of the show, that creates for candid up-the-nose angles throughout video calls. additionally, my fingers consistently block the camera whenever I kind throughout a video call, that’s annoying to every parties. i would have forgiven dell if it added variety of millimeters to the border at the very best of the screen to accommodate the camera among the right location.



Despite the trimmed-down frame, the XPS 13 still has a pair of USB 3.0 ports, a life-size Coyote State card slot (which Apple frustratingly omits on its 11-inch computers), and a mini show Port. build no mistake, the XPS 13 may be a true portable computer, not a stripped substitute for one. It put together contains a convenient button and strip of semiconductor unit lights to ascertain its battery level whereas not powering the laptop on. the only real coagulation factor understand missing is AN HDMI port, though there ar many computers throughout this size vary that lack that additionally. (Dell is promoting AN nonmandatory adapter that plugs into a USB port on the XPS 13 and adds HDMI, Ethernet, and VGA ports, but it’s significantly larger than a basic show Port adapter.) The side-mounted speakers area unit terribly impressive; they are louder and fuller sounding than the speakers on the overwhelming majority of various ultrabooks.

Typing on the XPS 13’s shrunken keyboard may be a nice experience — the secret’s smaller than ancient, but most totally different keys appear to be normal-sized. dell put together managed to put in backlighting, making it a great deal of easier to continue practice the XPS 13 once the cabin lights have low-beam on that cross-country fly flight. It’s AN honest keyboard.

xps-13-8.png-e1420594721688 dell-xps-0405.0


Unfortunately, I can’t say an identical for the XPS 13’s trackpad, that altogether likelihood won’t surprise anyone. It’s AN outsized, clickable Microsoft exactness trackpad, with a soft finish over glass. but like nearly every totally different trackpad on Windows laptops, it’s fraught with poor code and drivers. Two-finger scrolling is unbelievably unpredictable: usually it will work merely fine, totally different times it’ll not respond, despite what I do. The pointer additionally can jump across the screen haphazardly times whereas I’m typing, and it’s approach too easy to activate clicks whereas my fingers ar on the keys. It’s 2015; I shouldn’t need to plug AN external mouse into laptops any more, but that’s exactly what I did with the XPS 13 once variety of frustrating hours with the trackpad.


For code, the XPS 13 comes with Windows eight.1 out of the box, and there’s no reason that it won’t be upgradeable to Windows 10 once that’s free. It’s refreshingly devoid of most bloatware — the only real terribly annoying issue on it may be a McAfee antivirus trial.



The last components to creating a superb digital computer ar making certain it’s powerful enough to warrant carrying it around and creating it last all day whereas not having to be recharged. The XPS 13 hits on one amongst these points and fails pretty spectacularly on the alternative. The Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM (available among the touchscreen model, all-time low version comes with 4GB and a slower Core i3 chip) ar lots powerful enough for several tasks you will be able to throw at the XPS 13, nonetheless vice. Even resource-intensive programs like Chrome and Photoshop don’t have any issues running on the XPS 13, which i used to be merely able to integrate it into my advancement with few changes. Unsurprisingly, none of the inside components ar merely upgradeable, but fortunately they are specced tolerably that just about all people won’t be making an attempt to search out a great deal of power.

Battery life, on the alternative hand, may be a totally totally different story. dell claims fifteen hours of life from all-time low model and eleven hours from the touchscreen version. In my experience, the XPS 13 reached nothing of the sort, barely hit the halfway purpose on Dell’s estimate. In our battery rundown check, utterly totally different from Dell’s, the touchscreen model lasted for 6 hours and forty minutes before rejection the ghost. but a great deal of problematic was my everyday experience, where an identical touchscreen unit would constantly need to be charged halfway through my work day. among the weeks I used the XPS 13, never did it exceed six hours whereas not having to be choked in. once totally different computers ar merely lasting eleven to 13 hours before needing a charge, the XPS 13’s performance is downright dissatisfactory. dell will happily sell you AN external battery pack for $119.99 that allows you to recharge your laptop computer (or your transportable, via USB) on the go, but even thereupon, I couldn’t go a full 10 hours whereas not having to plug back in.




If there’s one issue to need aloof from the XPS 13, it’s that the long run of excessive transferrable laptops look pretty nice. There’s very little doubt that totally different laptop computer makers will in all probability be swift to incorporate variety of the ideas dell used here, significantly the minuscule borders around the show that modify a much bigger screen {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a terribly} very smaller body. Rumors have it that Apple will unhitch a completely redesigned MacBook Air this year, and it’s arduous to believe that Apple won’t attain similar tricks with its dimensions as this dell.

As for the XPS 13 itself, its battery life issues and poor trackpad build it sturdy to advocate over totally different decisions, even with its excessive economical vogue. Too many totally different computers do most higher in those respects that I can’t ignore them on the dell.

But once years of seeing clumsy tablet-laptop hybrids and totally different foolish designs, we’ve rapt into the post-post-PC world presently, and it’s clear the pc is back. The XPS 13 is one amongst the first exciting designs to arrive throughout this world, but it really won’t be the last. Buckle up, the laptop computer renaissance is solely getting started.

Dell XPS 13 (2015)


Trim, economical vogue
Comfortable keyboard
Great show
Speedy performance

Clumsy trackpad
Awkward photographic camera
Poor battery life


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