creative wooden table lamp that look like dog



Luminose is that the dog lamp with temperament. This wood lamp with the bit of piece of work was born from nice passion for product style and love for dogs.

Zimmerer designed this versatile and interactive lamp by mapping the prototypic movements of a dog then remodeling them into a unique context and scale. Lente designed and designed the atmosphere during which Luminose feels good: the complete, mental image, internet style & development.

Based on the lamp’s body color, the merchandise is created from top quality handcrafted oak and beech wood. a wise LED panel is put in into the wood elements, victimisation eighty fifth less energy than a typical lamp.

More info:

LUMINOSE-the-lovely-lamp-by-Elizabeth-Zimmerer-Mrton-Lente18__880 luminose-dog-lamp-white-pink-stretch__880 black-luminose-wooden-table-lamp-design-dog-lamp-stretch__880 natur-luminose-wooden-table-lamp-design-dog-lamp-family__880 LUMINOSE-the-lovely-lamp-by-Elizabeth-Zimmerer-Mrton-Lente21__880 luminose-wooden-table-lamp-natur-blue-stand__880 natur-luminose-dog-lamp-design-wooden-table-lamp-sit__880 natur-luminose-dog-lamp-design-wooden-table-lamp-stand__880


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