My DIY Coffee Pot Terrarium


I assume Plants and low, i’m instantly reminded of my granny. She was one elegant girl and he or she idolised her houseplants and roses just about the most quantity as her afternoon occasional. My granny invariably prescribed a powerful cup of occasional for any unwell (kinda like Windex in My large Fat Greek Wedding)! As a ritual, before amendment of state dinner my mamma and granny would sit on and drink their afternoon occasional. it had been with them that I had my initial sort of occasional…I was exclusively 3 years old! They indulged Pine Tree State that only 1 occasion, (but extraordinarily, they didn’t perceive what hit them, it had been a sneak attack which they didn’t perceive I had gulped down a full cup until it had been too late – mwahaha) at that point it had been back to require advantage of with a splash of occasional or cafecito con leche.

If my granny unbroken her occasional shut, she unbroken her plants even nearer…like extraordinarily shut…like among the lounge trailing up one wall and wrapped around the perimeter of the ceiling (what am i able to say, it had been the 80’s). it had been was important to remain the devil’s flora (that’s extraordinarily what it’s referred to as, I swear) inexperienced thus it should continue usurping the house, which i have never any set up where we tend to tend to got this idea but we tend to tend to used left over occasional grinds as plant chemical (Ta-da! Enter the plant and low rainbow connection).

So many weeks past, I received the foremost recent report from one in each of my favorite verdure advocates, the peeps over at Urban Jungle Bloggers planned a Plant and low challenge. Having fond reminiscences of these things i created a call to form this mini occasional pot enclosure as associate court to my granny. Why associate aerophyte enclosure, you ask? Well, as a results of it’s relating to as hard to kill as devil’s flora (hence the name) but whereas not having it grow all over the place 🙂


Small occasional pot (check out your native thrift store)
Mini air plants ( I used Ionantha volcano and a inexperienced Tilandsia)
White Sand
Moss (bright works best)
River rocks/aquarium rocks
Decorations (gemstones, shells, or miniatures – it’s up to you!)
Here’s but I created it:

Fill your instrumentation with relating to associate in. of sand. Then scatter some stream rocks over the sand (I piled them on heavier among the rear for added height). I then placed the nonvascular organism over the rocks among the rear and worked from back to front. i needed my plants to possess the only scan so I placed them every ahead, with the gemstones between them.



Plants+and+Coffee+--+Let's+make+a+coffee+pot+terrarium (1)

Plants+and+Coffee+--+Let's+make+a+coffee+pot+terrarium (2)

Serve with a cup of coffee and a splash of milk 😉

Plants+and+Coffee+--+Let's+make+a+coffee+pot+terrarium (3)

Finally, i am happy to report that the occasional failed to stunt my growth nor that of our house plants.

A huge shout dead set Urban Jungle Bloggers for the inspiration!

Airplant care: generally it’s suggested misting these plants a day, ideally within the morning. you may additionally dunk them in water 2-3 times per week. they’re happiest in an exceedingly nice bright space and not in an exceedingly hot window with direct daylight.



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