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Android tablets have had a rough go of things since the terribly starting. For years, golem pill manufacturers were chasing one dangerous plan once another, till Google landed on the Nexus seven and really came up with a compelling counter to Apple’s larger and dearer iPad. It crystal rectifier to a wave of low-end golem tablets that have sold-out well (especially in China), however typically feel additional like massive phones than tablets. Then Google quite gave informed the Nexus seven, and therefore the newer Nexus nine doesn’t extremely contend within the ways in which it has to. With the pill market truly fizzling out even for Apple, it’s a touch of a surprise that device manufacturers ar even bothering with new golem tablets to any extent further.

But firms ar so bothering to create new styles and take a look at totally different approaches to the tried and true pill formula. the most recent of that is holler, that recently launched the clumsily named Venue eight 7000 Series (I’m simply about to decision it the Venue 8). The $399 Venue eight is a component of a style renaissance at holler (along with the new XPS thirteen laptop), showcasing premium materials and killer displays. It additionally acts as a vehicle for a few never-before-seen mobile technologies from Intel. There ar extremely 2 things that matter with the Venue eight, and they are why anyone is disbursal time talking regarding it: its style and its camera array.


The Venue 8’s chassis is anodized Al, a fabric hardly ever seen outside of Apple’s tablets. It’s dark gray and cold to the bit, however it makes the holler feel elegant and warrant its four hundred dollar tag (in stark distinction to the Nexus nine, that doesn’t feel a touch price its price once you decide it up). It’s additionally cold and industrial trying, virtually sort of a Soviet counterpart to the iPad, however it’s a remarkably economical style and is assembled well. the ability button and volume keys are tactile and solid, although they’re a touch too flush with the body and placed all the approach within the higher left of the pill, that isn’t significantly convenient. there’s this extremely cool feature that activates the show mechanically once you decide the pill up and turns it off once you place it down. i used to be aghast however systematically and faithfully this worked.


The terribly little borders round the show (which live a scant 5mm, in keeping with Dell) build the screen appear bigger than it really is. however that’s forced holler to jam stereo speakers and a front-facing camera into a clumsy “chin” below the screen. The chin is that the solely place you’ll be able to hold the pill while not activating the bit screen, however it suggests that you’re pinching rock bottom ten p.c of the pill, feat the opposite ninety p.c unsupported. That’s fine for some minutes, however it gets fatiguing quickly.



Flip the Venue eight over and you discover not one, however 3 camera sensors. They work along to create a depth-sensing array, very similar to the DuoLens camera on HTC’s One M8 smartphone. The main, 8-megapixel detector takes the particular photos, whereas the twin 720p cameras will live distance and confirm depth info. That allows you to do things like unnaturally blur the background or isolate your subject with color whereas creating the remainder of the ikon black and white. The Venue eight will even act as a digital tape someone, telling you ways tall bound objects within the frame ar. however unsurprisingly, all of those tricks need ideal lighting conditions, and don’t work well within the dimly lit rooms wherever such a big amount of footage are literally taken. You wouldn’t need to use the Venue eight to draw the blueprints for your next home, that’s evidently. The special camera array may very well be the full reason Intel and holler engineered this pill, however it’s not a reason for you to shop for one.

THE CAMERA TRICKS could also be the full REASON FOR THE VENUE eight TO EXIST, however they don’t seem to be A REASON FOR YOU to shop for IT

The standard 8-megapixel camera is par for the course for tablets: it’s not nice, particularly in low-light. Also, it’s extremely laborious to carry this issue and take photos while not block one or additional cameras. i buy what Dell’s attempting to try to to with the camera: stand go in a ocean of sameness. however the simplest thanks to stand out is with a extremely nice camera that takes killer footage altogether lighting things, not writing tricks and depth of field gimmicks. HTC learned this the laborious approach, and holler goes to additionally.






Like the iPad mini or Nexus seven, the Venue eight could be a little pill, sitting between 6-inch phablets and bigger, 10-inch category tablets. it’s associate eight.4-inch screen, however it’s really narrower and diluent than Apple’s seven.9-inch iPad mini due to those remarkably little bezels. In fact, the Venue eight is unbelievably skinny at simply 6mm thick. That’s diluent than each different pill (including the iPad Air two, by simply a hair) and most smartphones. It makes for a hanging profile, however the Venue eight isn’t to any extent further transportable as a results of its thinness. Its hard, squared-off edges build it less comfy to carry for long stretches than tablets with softer edges, and it’s simply slightly too wide on behalf of me to wrap my fingers around it as i’d a smartphone.

THE DELL’S VISUALLY beautiful style does not perpetually total ERGONOMICALLY
Despite its premium materials and compact size, that build the holler look beautiful initially look, the quirks within the Venue 8’s style build it awkward to use in several things. The rear cameras ar simply obscured by my fingers once I hold the pill in portrait or landscape orientations, resulting in a great deal of shots with a finger within the frame. The low position of the front camera lends to up-the-nose selfies and video chats, and it too is well blocked if I hold the pill with my mitt. And whereas the front-facing speakers ar loud, clear, and far higher than side- or rear-mounted speakers, the stereo unfold solely is sensible once the pill is in portrait orientation. flip the pill on its facet to look at a moving-picture show or play a game, and suddenly the left channel is below and therefore the right channel is on high. holler would have done higher to merely use one speaker here, rather than attempting to figure in a very stereo configuration.

Still, despite its engineering challenges, the Venue eight offers higher build quality and materials than just about each different golem pill. I shouldn’t need to praise a pill for being “well-built,” however due to the flimsy build and boring style of such a big amount of golem tablets I’ve used, it’s a win for the holler.


The show is that the most vital a part of any pill, and it’s a decent issue the screen on the holler could be a stunner. It’s packed with pixels — 2560 down and 1600 across, to be precise — and is incredibly bright and saturated. virtually an excessive amount of so: the colours much scream off the panel, almost like Samsung screens from one or two years past (the Venue eight used associate OLED panel, so isn’t massively surprising). For movies and recreation, the oversaturated colours worked to the Dell’s advantage: explosions leapt off the screen, and therefore the goat in Goat machine ne’er looked higher. however I wouldn’t admit the Venue eight for ikon writing, which needs a show with additional correct color replica. For reading, that is what I most frequently use a pill for, it’s too bright on automatic settings, requiring Maine to crank it all the approach down. fortunately rock bottom setting is variable resistor than different tablets, creating it work practically for reading in bed.


In addition to its distinctive style, the Venue eight uses associate Intel processor, a relative rarity among mobile devices. It’s a 2.3GHz, quad-core Atom chip paired with 2GB of RAM and it provides a quick and responsive expertise. If the Venue eight didn’t have an enormous Intel emblem emblazoned on the rear of it, I wouldn’t have assumed it had been steam-powered by something totally different than the quality Qualcomm fare. Games contend swimmingly, and although the pill got heat in spots, it ne’er got uncomfortable to carry (unlike the Nexus 9). The Atom chip is power-efficient, too: the Venue eight lasted for nine hours and quarter-hour on our summing up check and had no drawback going for multiple days in traditional usage. The Venue eight features a meager 16GB of internal storage, however there’s a small SD card slot obtainable, thus you’ll be able to expand if required.



For all of its distinctive hardware options, the package on the holler is refreshfully simple. It’s a largely untouched version golem four.4 KitKat (Dell says associate update to golem five.0 Lollipop is planned for the “coming months”), with one or two of apps for managing sound profiles and connecting to Dell’s pill accessories. There’s a custom gallery app which will pull in pictures from Facebook, Dropbox, and Picasa, property you see footage from your cloud accounts next to ones you really take with the pill. It’s a pleasant construct, however it might use some higher organization: Facebook pictures aren’t sorted into albums, let’s say.

The usual complaints with golem apps on tablets still apply to the Dell: there ar with great care several common apps that don’t build use of the larger show. It’s not extremely Dell’s fault if Facebook and Twitter don’t need to trouble rising their apps for larger golem devices, however the Venue eight suffers as a result. Combined with the high component density of the screen, several interface components ar little, requiring Maine to squint and exactly faucet on-screen buttons. holler might have tweaked golem to figure higher on the high-resolution panel, however it hasn’t done thus, and therefore the Venue 8’s expertise is worse off for it.



There’s little question regarding it: the holler Venue eight 7000 could be a astonishingly distinctive and solid golem pill in a very world of me-toos and also-rans. It’s by no suggests that while not faults and quirks: the head-turning style doesn’t perpetually work ergonomically, and therefore the package may be higher refined. Despite Dell’s best efforts, it doesn’t quite hit the high marks in terms of overall user expertise set by Apple’s iPad line. (It’s arguably a additional attention-grabbing pill than Apple’s latest models, although not essentially a higher pill.) provided that, it’s extremely laborious to justify the Venue 8’s $400 tag, particularly once it simply barely edges out a year-and-a-half-old discontinued pill that price 0.5 the maximum amount.

If you are doing obtain the Venue eight, it shouldn’t be for its gimmicky camera or as a result of it’s the thinnest pill on the market. It ought to be as a result of it’s a reliable and well-built pill that’s higher than just about each different golem pill you’ll be able to obtain. The holler Venue eight is actually that — however it’s additionally a unusual, awkward device. If solely “better than the rest” counted for additional once it involves golem tablets.

Dell Venue eight 7000


Great build quality, distinctive style
Sharp, bright show
Fast performance
Long battery life

Depth camera could be a gimmick
Standard camera disappoints
Design does not perpetually work ergonomically
Interface and apps don’t build the simplest use

 Dell Venue 8 7000 Specification here

Size information


Tested spec Dell Venue 8 7000 Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Nvidia Shield Tablet Apple iPad Air 2
Weight 0.67 pound (306g) 0.65 pound (294g) 0.86 pound (390g) 0.96 pound (437g)
Width (landscape) 8.5 inches (216mm) 8.4 inches (213mm) 8.7 inches (221mm) 9.4 inches (240mm)
Height 4.9 inches (124mm) 4.9 inches (124mm) 5 inches (126mm) 6.6 inches (169.5mm)
Depth 0.24 inch (6 mm) 0.26 inch (6.6mm) 0.36 inch (9.2mm) 0.24 inch (6.1mm)
Side bezel width (landscape) top bezel: 0.18 inch (4.6mm); others: 0.69 inch (17mm) 0.56 inch(14.2mm) 0.81 inch(20.5mm) 0.8 inch (22mm)





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