Fox Village In Japan Is Probably The Cutest Place On Earth


Apparently, Japan is has too many cute animals and nice culture .they are so so cute. We’ve detected concerning the bunny island and cat island, however there’s additionally a fox village, wherever they have six type of fox romp and play together n even fight for get your love n food.

This wizard oasis of cunning is termed Zao Fox Village, and it’s settled in Japan’s Miyagi prefecture. For one hundred yen (or concerning eighty five U.S.A. cents), guests ar supplied with food, however as a result of the foxes don’t seem to be domesticated, they’re cautioned against hand-feeding them or transfer young children.

As is that the case within the West, foxes in Japan ar thought of to be foxy tricksters. However, some in Japan additionally believe them to possess mystical powers or that hey ar messengers of Inari Okami, the Shinto spiritual being of fertility, prosperity and rice. If you’re not convinced, you’ll be able to scrutinize these wizard fox photos!

Source: (h/t: kotaku)


Image credits: Souctine

zao-fox-village-japan-37 zao-fox-village-japan-39 zao-fox-village-japan-40 zao-fox-village-japan-41 zao-fox-village-japan-1 zao-fox-village-japan-3 zao-fox-village-japan-4

Image credits: Handai Fox



Image credits: Danny Villeneuve

zao-fox-village-japan-6 zao-fox-village-japan-7 zao-fox-village-japan-12 zao-fox-village-japan-13


Image credits: yukino618

zao-fox-village-japan-14 zao-fox-village-japan-15 zao-fox-village-japan-18

Image credits: Maguny Annisin

zao-fox-village-japan-22 zao-fox-village-japan-23

Image credits: Danny Villeneuve

zao-fox-village-japan-25 zao-fox-village-japan-26 zao-fox-village-japan-29 zao-fox-village-japan-32 zao-fox-village-japan-33 zao-fox-village-japan-34 zao-fox-village-japan-36



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