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There’s almost not anything that a terrific parent won’t do for his or her child, so whilst three-year-antique izzy wanted her single dad, greg wickherst, to place his hair into a ponytail, there was obviously best one factor he could do – go to beauty school. And that’s what he did!

Intellitec university, wherein he works, has a cosmetology branch, so he got set up with some primary instructions right away. “right away, i used to be capable of do a easy braid, then a fishbone braid, and a french braid,” he advised huffpost.

Now, wickherst posts his daughter’s first-rate braids and hairstyles on facebook, wherein he each offers and receives hints and tutorials. To check out his handywork and a number of his feedback about parenting, read on underneath!

More info: Facebook (h/t: huffpost)


This is the fabulous 3-year-old Izzy and her single dad Greg Wickherst



Greg went to beauty school so he could do his daughter’s golden locks



Looks like it paid off, because Izzy is rockin’ those braids



“In no time, I was able to do a simple braid, then a fishbone braid, and a French braid”



“It blew my mind how easy it was to do a bun. I thought it was something super special, like real intricate, especially the one where you don’t finish pulling the ponytail”



“The next one I want to do, is to try and do her hair like Elsa’s”



Greg both shares and receives hair braiding tips on Facebook



He advises parents to enjoy every moment – “The good and the not-so-good. Even the blowout diapers, the tantrums in the store, and the late night, up sick, catching-throw-up-in-your-bare-hands nights. Because it doesn’t last forever”



“My favorite part of the day is when I wake her up and get her out of bed and she’s still sleepy, so she nuzzles her face into my neck. … That love right there, feeling that love and that trust is the most rewarding part”





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