Mercedes-Benz’s F015


Mercedes-Benz took the wraps off a brand new idea car right here at CES this week, and thinking about the placing, it’s appropriately loaded to the gills with era. The F 0.5 luxury in movement — yes, “luxurious in movement” is part of the auto’s name — is basically a graceful pod with a big passenger compartment, a fortuitous aspect effect of an imagined destiny wherein we spend maximum of our times chilling out in motors even as they pressure us round all by using themselves. Mercedes virtually calls the cabin “front room-like,” way to 4 rotating seats that can face every different. An array of screens during the automobile allow passengers interact with controls and entertainment, supporting now not-pretty-production features like gestures and eye tracking.

One extremely good feature is the pair of “LED fields” at the front and rear that exchange shade based on the car’s modern using mode: white in manual, blue in self sufficient. It appears harmless enough, but it is easy to imagine a future where everybody around you wants to understand whether or not you are driving or your car is — pedestrians, regulation enforcement, and so forth.

The F 1/2 is fairly mild for its size way to great use of carbon fiber strengthened plastic (CFRP), a material that BMW is using on its high-concept i3 and i8 fashions. The CFRP is going all the way to drivetrain, in reality: the car runs on hydrogen, and the tanks are product of it. thinking about how sturdy hydrogen tanks want to be for you to live to tell the tale a crash, it is a vote of self belief.

Toyota, which simply introduced earlier nowadays that it is commencing up hundreds of hydrogen and gas cellular patents to try and spur interest inside the generation, will undoubtedly be pleased to peer that Mercedes is displaying a new hydrogen concept here at the show. Infrastructure remains a undertaking, although: the community of refueling stations essential to make those vehicles feasible absolutely does not exist but.

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