Float House Of Australia



using tricks of attitude and elegant modern architecture, the architects at the back of the Australia F2 architecture company have created a floating luxurious condominium domestic that appears to hover above the coast of Southern Australia.

The phantasm is spoiled from any other technique than the bridge at the entryway, however the constructing remains no less appealing. From any other angle, it will become clean that the constructing is constructed on a pole that lifts it 40m (or approximately 130 feet) above the slope under it. once you’ve crossed the bridge to the building itself (and furnished you aren’t terrified of heights), you’ll be greeted with a superb and commanding view of Fairhaven seaside and the terrific Ocean avenue below.

The constructing may be rented for between AUD$440 and 1,220 a night, and it’s now not youngster- or puppy-pleasant, so it’s truely for those searching out a high priced getaway for 2!

Extra info: f2architecture.com.au | viewretreats.com (h/t: elitedaily)

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