ultimate Friday, at some point of the layout Weekend in Vilnius, Lithuanian photographer Tadas Černiauskas held one of the craziest image shoots we’ve ever seen. site visitors to the TADAO CERN studio were invited to take part in an remarkable picture session called “Blow J0b” in which a sturdy current of air was blown into their faces growing some relatively funny facial expressions.

“I desired to do something very a laugh for myself and the visitors, just chortle and feature an awesome time. i used to be surprised that there had been such a lot of laid-back folks that have been not afraid to appearance humorous! Spacious studio turned into bursting at the seams and all and sundry changed into crying with laughter, guffawing at themselves and at each other. everyone (and there were a couple of hundred!) who dared to get up in front of my lens that night will don’t forget this picture shoot for a long term and have an incredible shot in his album,” stated Tadas Černiauskas.

For Extra Info –, facebook page.

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