Hands-on with HP’s giant Android tablet, the Pro Slate 12


If you cast only a cursory glance at this morning’s tablet announcement from HP, you might have needed a second (or third) look to realize that the company didn’t announce a partnership with HTC. Instead, HP announced two new Android tablets that happen to look eerily similar to HTC’s flagship phones. There’s just one major difference — they’re both bigger, and one of them is enormous.

Set against a backdrop of seven other tablet announcements, the HP Pro Slate 12 was the standout. It’s a 12.3-inch behemoth that is surprisingly easy to handle. At 850 grams — just under two pounds — it’s not necessarily light, but it doesn’t feel heavy, either. You could hold it one-handed if you’d like, just probably not for very long. What helps the device feel smaller than it should is the extremely thin profile.


It’s distinctly easy to deal with
Hp controlled to keep this folder-sized tablet below 8mm thick. Laid out on a table subsequent to an iphone 6, you have to get dead on eye-stage with them to honestly see the 0.8mm difference. One large change-off right here is the rims of the display screen can distort with simply slight stress. It is similar to how i felt when I in short toted around the ipad air 2 — the ease of its thinness changed into overshadowed by means of my consistent fear that i’d damage the display screen, or worse.


Talking of the display, the 1600×1200 show looked desirable, but no longer wonderful. Like the ipad, hp opted for a 4:3 format because purchasers spend a lot time using tablets in a portrait orientation. The size of it’s miles astonishing, certain, but it is a miles cry from the high-density shows discovered in apple’s ipad or microsoft’s (relatively chunky) floor seasoned three. Worse, it regarded dim even at the highest brightness putting, which wasn’t only a mirrored image of the room we were in — different drugs being debuted seemed simply satisfactory in the event space.

The dimensions of it’s far wonderful

That said, i cannot say that i would not need to offer this aspect a shot as a media intake device for the house. It makes my modern-day (and woefully outdated) ipad 2 seem undersized in an alarming manner. I do not know that i’d want to do any extreme computing on it — it stuttered a piece after I moved through some of the apps, the digital camera mainly. (even though i can not prevent thinking about what it’d be like to walk round new york city taking pix shoulder to shoulder with cellular telephone snappers whilst i held this big display.) it’s no longer to mention the manufacturing versions won’t behave in a different way, but it changed into noticeable within the show unit.

By way of assessment, the 7.Nine-inch hp pro slate 8 is tiny, however it stocks some thing in common with its stablemate — the 4:three thing ratio, which differentiates it from different smaller drugs like amazon’s kindle hearth line.


Additionally announced was hp’s duet pen, so one can paintings with either pill. Whilst you’re using it, the pen emits an ultrasonic sound that the capsules can music and triangulate with internal microphones, which is meant to boom precision. You may additionally change the end out for an real ink tip, and the pill will map and keep whatever you’re writing on real paper. It’s a nifty trick and, considering the pen is covered with both capsules, a welcome improvement in stylus technology.


Hp’s whole event became hyper-focused on corporations: small ones, massive ones, and the way all of them have wishes for unique device solutions. Medical doctors and nurses need smooth and splash-resistant tablets. Shop proprietors want clean-to-use, modular, factor of sale gadgets. And colleges need training-focused pills that scholars and teachers alike can use and abuse. For the most part, the wave of pills they introduced all gave the impression of possible options to match those wishes. The only two particularly designed for purchasers had been also the gaudiest. Thinking about the crowded tablet marketplace and the fashion of bigger telephones, that is probably hp’s high-quality option.

Both drugs are available starting today. The slate eight costs $449, and the slate 12 will run you $569.

hp-pro-slate-0219.0 hp-pro-slate-0241.0 hp-pro-slate-0243.0 hp-pro-slate-0249.0 hp-pro-slate-0268.0 hp-pro-slate-0272.0 hp-pro-slate-0313.0 hp-pro-slate-0319.0 hp-pro-slate-0088.0 hp-pro-slate-0094.0 hp-pro-slate-0100.0 hp-pro-slate-0104.0hp-pro-slate-0151.0 hp-pro-slate-0173.0 hp-pro-slate-0192.0 hp-pro-slate-0204.0


Pictures with stylus pen



hp-pro-slate-0118.0 hp-pro-slate-0180.0 hp-pro-slate-0116.0


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