Flipped Iceberg Of Antarctica


I had the high-quality fortune to come across this flipped iceberg in Cierva Cove, Antarctica. The coloration and look of this one have been completely exceptional from any i have ever visible in man or woman or images. maximum are white, however this one changed into a radiant blue/jade.

I photographed it from a small Zodiac boat with a Canon 5DMKII and a 16-35mm lens. i used to be taking pictures raw and the only photograph processing necessary became curve changes to convey it lower back to a properly uncovered photograph. The iceberg became this shade in actual existence and required no enhancement to give it this alien look. As pix cross, I do not forget this to be the result of being within the right region/time; there has been nothing magnificent accomplished on my component to gain this. Antarctica is surely a very photogenic area.

i used to be extremely lucky to come upon this iceberg once I did — it might handiest be a few days earlier than the solar, water, snow, rain and so on. could change the floor coloration to the standard white/grey.

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