Dog Who Beat Cancer



this is Gluta, whose owner likes to call her the happiest canine within the world. Given her records, we suppose the name suits as she became rescued from the street and beat most cancers to get to wherein she is today.

Gluta’s proprietor discovered her as a stray while dwelling in a dormitory in Thailand. dogs weren’t allowed, but he snuck her in besides and fed her due to her friendliness and tidiness. whilst she fell unwell in her war with uteral most cancers, each she and her owner caught via it and she beat the infection.

Now, she’s a stunning, smart and, most significantly, well-loved dog who loves to pose for lovable and silly photographs. Her happiness is infectious and, given what she’s lived through, heartfelt and real!

Extra info: Tumblr | Facebook (h/t: ignant, missmoss)


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