These marvellous pictures by Elena Shumilova plunge the viewer into a good looking world that revolves around 2 boys and their endearing dog, cat, duckling and rabbit friends. Taking advantage of natural colours, atmospheric condition and her attractive surroundings, the talented Russian creator creates cozy and moving photography which will leave you astounded.

The boys within the pictures square measure the photographer’s sons and also the animals belong to the farm she runs. “I mostly trust my intuition and inspiration after I compose photos. i purchase impressed chiefly by my want to precise one thing I feel, although I typically cannot tell specifically what that is” Shumilova explained to Dumlr.

Rural settings, natural phenomena and also the dynamical seasons appear to be the best stimuli in her works. “When shooting I value more highly to use natural lightweight – each within and out of doors. i really like all forms of lightweight conditions – street lights, candle lightweight, fog, smoke, rain and snow – everything that provides visual and emotional depth to the image,” the creative person aforesaid.

Shumilova told North American country her passion for photography manifested in early 2012 once she got her 1st camera. Her most up-to-date instrumentation includes the Canon Greek deity 5D Mark II camera and a 135mm lens. As a mother UN agency doesn’t need to miss out on her growing youngsters, she says she shoots daily and processes the photographs in the dark.

We suggest you’re taking a cup of tea, slant well in your armchair and browse this lovely assortment of Elena Shumilova’s pictures.

Extra info: Facebook | 500px | Flickr | Smugmug

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