How to Build an Affiliate Website


In over a decade of acting on websites I’ve see tons of affiliate websites. Some were smart however tons were terribly unhealthy. during this post, I’ll share my experiences regarding what i believe Google is trying to find and also the common traits of things I’ve seen fail.

Single supply web site

You need to make an internet site that has info folks area unit trying to find and sprinkle in affiliate links, not produce affiliate links and sprinkle in content …

When I 1st started, this was the sole quite web site I designed. I found an excellent supply with a high affiliate payout and visited city. perhaps it absolutely was cell phones, television system activations, dating, or ringtones: it didn’t matter as long because the payout was there. These sites have many issues right off the bat.

This approach is problematic as a result of, rather than building an internet site with info folks need, need, or that helps them solve a drag, it builds an internet site to make backfill and decriminalize no matter is being sold . this can be a textbook one hundred and one example of golf shot the cart before the horse. you would like to make an internet site that has info folks area unit trying to find and sprinkle in affiliate links, not produce affiliate links and sprinkle in content.

Diversify Revenue Streams

The failure to make quite one supply of financial gain from {a web site|an internet site|a web site} has doomed quite one website and, in some cases, whole firms. Having an internet site that solely earns cash through Adsense, one affiliate program, is very dangerous. If one issue changes, for any reason, you’ll end up driving off a drop with no warning. explore for ways in which to feature different streams and be artistic. As AN example, i used to be build up a replacement travel web site and was trying to find the way to feature a “fresh” or “news” element to assist keep the positioning wanting find it irresistible was “alive.” I came up with a calendar of native events, however it wasn’t “enough,” therefore I swollen and extra in close concerts (with affiliate links to price ticket brokers). at intervals some weeks i used to be creating even as a lot of from price ticket sales as i used to be from travel reservations.

Bad Linking Policies

Lets be honest. Link building is one in all those aspects of building a website that’s very tough. once you area unit building an internet site, it’s laborious to urge on the microwave radar of different sites and find them to link to you. As a result, tons folks get a chip on our shoulder and don’t link freely to others … which must stop.

First of all, once you do this, you’re acting sort of a spoiled kid United Nations agency isn’t aiming to play any longer and is taking his toys home. once you act like that, you produce an internet site that appears sort of a dead finish for links. From Google’s perspective, an internet site like that appears odd and, unless you have got tons of others factors going for you and area unit on par with Wikipedia, it’s simply not aiming to work. Link to others, not simply government and informational websites. Link to connected, non-competitive, business sites. lie with usually and lie with freely, particularly wherever it is sensible, appearance natural, and advantages the patron.

Build a Community and Subscriber Base

One of the items people that are within the area long enough can tell you is that you simply ought to build a supply of traffic freelance of Google. Build a forum, interact in social media on Twitter or Facebook, or build AN email list (shudder). I’m aiming to totally admit I’m not the foremost social of individuals. Community building are some things I hate. I’m additionally a zero inbox quite guy. The thought of filling up different people’s inboxes makes Maine twitch. this can be a section that i do know is very important, however it’s still one thing I struggle with.


Be Pressworthy and Noteworty

To no matter extent attainable, do things that area unit pressworthy and noteworthy in your area. You don’t got to be the foremost noteworthy, however you don’t need to be the smallest amount noteworthy either. you would like to try to to things that, to folks and search engines, appear as if press events. don’t assume like AN SEO once doing it. obtaining a link from a trade web site is nice, however obtaining your domain or product mentioned while not a link is okay too. In reality, obtaining your domain mentioned while not a link is way higher than not obtaining your domain mentioned the least bit.

Fresh knowledge and Structured knowledge

Whether its true or not, folks build the idea that one thing written within the past twelve months is best than one thing written five years agone. I’m not aiming to say Google penalizes previous websites, however they need designed a system that provides preference to newer, recent pages.

With that taken into consideration, it makes tons of sense to use XML and different structured markup to create certain Google is aware of the date your content was published/updated. i do know this can be con to the whole evergreen content construct, however Google makes the foundations. we have a tendency to simply play in their sandbox. My advice? Update & refresh victimization the living URL methodology. simply make certain to update the date.

Rich snippets area unit way more click attractive within the SERPS. Do everything you’ll to format your knowledge in an exceedingly microformat they will browse. particularly try and benefit of author markup and review markup.


While tons of those points could seem like wisdom, it took tons of trial and error to urge to the present level of understanding. Here area unit the key takeaways during this post:

Build websites that have info folks area unit trying to find and solve issues, then add affiliate links. Don’t lie with the opposite approach around
Find multiple revenue streams for your websites. Don’t depend upon one supply or product
Create natural wanting websites. Don’t produce recursive anomalies with unhealthy linking practices
Build a base of consumers United Nations agency explore for you that don’t come back from search engines
Be press worthy. Do everything to seem a lot of sort of a legitimate business ANd less like an SEO
Keep your content updated, particularly the key necessary pages
Use XML and small knowledge tags to assist Google perceive your web site higher and find made snippets within the SERPs



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