How Google Steals Traffic


at the SMX advanced convention in June of 2014, Danny Sullivan had a question and solution consultation with Matt Cutts. at some point of this consultation, Matt did a stay seek demo that, in my view, verified that Google desires to take the search visitors it’s currently sending to other websites and maintain it for themselves.

I’ve embedded the video of the complete consultation under, however the element I’m worried with begins at 47m 40s–that is with a bit of luck wherein the video have to begin.


Matt asked the following questions:

in which is the space needle?
I want to peer pictures.
Who built it?
How tall is it?
display me some eating places near there.
How about Italian?
Navigate to the first one.
Matt changed into the use of the Google Now app, and that i’ve connected display shots for every of the searches underneath

Keep_Calm_Scroogle (4) Keep_Calm_Scroogle (5) Keep_Calm_Scroogle (6) Keep_Calm_Scroogle (7)Why is this important? Matt did seven searches, and not one of the searches ended in visitors for every body but Google. in case you are a site proprietor or net writer, that is critical to realize. Google isn’t handiest indexing the contents of your webpages, but it’s seeking to analyze and understand what’s on them and absorb this information so they now not want you.

It’s no longer just region facts or encyclopedic content, either. for example, study the question [How to make hard boiled eggs].



Keep_Calm_Scroogle (2)think about that the next time you put schema tags on a recipe web page or every other structured information.

in my opinion, Google wants to grow to be the computer from famous person Trek: it wants to try to apprehend your question and give you the solution. and that they don’t need you to leave Google until it’s to a site that’s paying for it. Don’t believe me? strive [best hotel san francisco]. the entirety shown within the black bar keeps you on Google, as does the inn fee assessment.


Keep_Calm_Scroogle (3)

I’d love to tell you there may be a glimmer of hope or a piece round, but there truly isn’t. except you are a logo and riding [brand + keyword] queries, Google wants to drink your milkshake.


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