First Look Of LG’s WebOS Smartwatch


I do not know what to mention. What I simply skilled became inexplicable. After Android central discovered the news that Audi’s vehicle-unlocking smartwatch (constructed with the aid of LG) runs webOS, I made a direct dash to the close by stand of TTs and asked the friendly German demo dude if I should borrow his watch for a moment. more surprising than his consent turned into the real software program running in this watch: it’s webOS with a level of maturity and polish that betrays the truth LG has been operating at the UI for quite some time. The animations are clean and rapid and the look is tailored to suit a spherical watch face.

The watch has a circular app navigation menu, a slick and round calendar app, and a quick settings menu it truly is additionally first-class regarded on a round screen. Audi’s participation on this timepiece is restrained to a branded watch face and an app that unlocks the automobile door via NFC. positive, the patterned leather and machined crown and buttons are also slight deviations from the original LG G Watch R, however that is a conventional endorsement of somebody else’s technology: what we are looking at isn’t always an Audi watch, it is the LG webOS smartwatch.

It took me some moments to get my bearings with the strange interface, but this whirlwind encounter with the sector’s first webOS smartwatch leads me to need greater of them. Many extra. in contrast to the G Watch R, whose layout this is primarily based on, the webOS watch also has cellular connectivity. It has a smartphone dialer (sadly it’s not rotary) and a messaging app built in. The capability to combine a cellular radio may be a big reason for why LG went with webOS over Android put on in this Audi watch. One element’s for positive: a couple of minutes with this watch have made me happier than weeks spent inside the corporation of its Android wear competitors.

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