Top 5 CDN WordPress Plugins


Do you use CDN in your WordPress blog ? in case your solution is no, then this article is for you.

you have got a WordPress blog. you’re operating difficult for it, proper ? believe, one quality morning your blog is featured on the the front web page of StumbleUpon. inside hours hundreds and hundreds of traffic rushed for your WordPress blog.

Now inform me “ Are you organized enough to get hold of that much of visitors on your blog with a restricted bandwidth ? ” maximum probably, your answer is ‘ no ’.

To keep away from this awkward scenario you should use CDN in your WordPress blog, preferably with a WordPress plugin. i’m able to tell you the five quality CDN WordPress plugins and few of them are freed from price.

opposite to the famous notion CDN isn’t simplest supposed for high traffic blogs. CDN is extremely essential for low site visitors blogs also through supporting your blog page loading in shortest viable time from servers positioned in all the corners of the world.

what’s CDN ?

CDN or content delivery network or content Distribution network is a carrier which makes the static content material of your weblog (Java Script,pics,videos,CSS) load tons quicker on traveller’s browser.

How CDN Works ?

CDN is a set of servers placed at one of a kind locations and countries, everywhere in the global.

on every occasion a traveler hits your weblog, the CDN serves the static page/facts from the closest possible server, there with the aid of making the web page loading blazing fast. when a couple of site visitors visit your weblog from different nations, it serves the static page/information from distinctive servers positioned at exceptional components of the world, there through decreasing the weight on a single or precise server.

exceptional CDN WordPress Plugins

1. MaxCDN: one of the quality WordPress plugin for CDN. I personally like this CDN plugin, out of 5.

This isn’t always a free plugin. This value simplest US$ 39.ninety five for the 1st TB (terabite) or 1000 GB. Approximate Calculation: if your blog traffic is 60,000/month, then it’ll final for greater than 18 months. there is no month-to-month or every year price. if you aren’t satisfied with MaxCDN’s overall performance, then you could ask to your cash inside 30 days below the a hundred% cash-returned assure offer.

2. CloudFlare: The WordPress plugin for CloudFlare ( unfastened ) works wonderfully.

The paid version value US$ 20/month with increase protection characteristic. if your blog visitors is 50,000/month or greater then you definitely should go for paid version. if your blog is getting much less site visitors and you are seeking out a free CDN provider then you definately must cross for the loose version.

3. Amazon Cloudfront CDN: This CDN is from the reputed logo Amazon. And, its dependable. Amazon Cloudfront is a paid provider. you need to pay handiest for what you operate. there may be no minimum charge in keeping with month.

4. WP high-quality Cache: A notable free CDN WordPress plugin available. clearly set up the plugin and after making some configuration your blog is ready to cater heavy visitors.

5. W3 general Cache: another free CDN WordPress plugin which amazingly decreases page load time of your WordPress blog. install the plugin, configure and you’re completed.

CDN is a must for all grades (visitors extent) of WordPress blogs. And, WordPress plugin for CDN is the nice way to apply the CDN service. whether you have to go for paid or loose model relies upon on your weblog traffic quantity.


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