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1,000s of latest blogs arise, and 1,000s dieeveryday in blogosphere.

It’s herbal. You could say “it’s commercial enterprise as regular.”

Just suppose a piece – why a blogger blogs?

Every motion inside the world is related to a motivation. Even the breath you’re taking proper now. And the act of reading weblog/blog-publish that you’re doing now is also related to a clean cause. But most of the time our motives are unconscious in nature.

The answer to my above question is widely like this: a blogger blogs 1#either to hold a web diary to fulfill his passion for blogging or, 2#hope to earn a few money through running a blog.

When blogs emerge as crappy?

This takes place to the ones bloggers who’re extremely bold and jumped into the running a blog band-wagon with a unmarried motive (purpose), that is – to earn big amount of money by way of running a blog.

The troubles with those type of bloggers are – they have got a completely short-time period aim. And need to make large-greenbacks with a totally quick period of time. Or even in a single day!

Their all blogging movements are influenced with the aid of money only.

They do difficult labour on their weblog. Normal, day & night. Sooner or later they make their weblog famous and reputed. And make themselves a well known determine inside the on line international (at the least in bloggers network).

One pleasant day they find out they are incomes best few peanuts each month. From google adsense to associate sales, and from other assets. They still retain running a blog for every other couple of months. And ultimately they provide-up!

It’s simply their selection to determine whether to keep or give up running a blog. But it hurts – when incredibly famous & mounted bloggers fill-up their blogs with crappy posts within the call of content material. Once in every week, or even once in a month.

They free all their reader base. They don’t get more quantity of blog feedback which they were getting into their heyday. Because human beings feel cheated. Moreover they even ask for money when anyone desires to visitor submit on their blog (to a degree it’s adequate).

Filling your blog with useless posts and including a section like – “a way to make money” is the worst thing you can do in your weblog.

Do you know – lot of blogs get hit by google panda simplest for publishing off-subject matter weblog posts. Or, publishing topics like “the way to make money on line?” many a times they get over panda penalty by way of easy getting rid of the cash making segment (class) or deindexing/ deleting off subject matter weblog posts.

The answer: in case you’re without a doubt busy in your existence – don’t put up at all. In place of filling your weblog with crappy posts. That manner your readers will recognize your hassle. At least they may now not dislike your weblog.

The hassle doesn’t give up here. They buy even extra domains and convey a fleet of blogs; with the hope of dominating the blogosphere. And finally they fall flat. This also befell with darren rowse of problogger.Internet– one of the legendary blogger of our time. In his preliminary days he had 2 blogs. But he made any other 28. A complete of 30 blogs within a couple of years. All his blogs failed miserably. Besides the preliminary 2 – that are problogger.Internet & digital photography faculty.

Final thoughts: stick with your main blog and submit high-quality content material. In case you’re too busy in your life don’t post at all; in place of low first-rate posts.


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