Bounce Rate Explained


Is bounce rate necessary for your site?

Does Google break a high bouncing web-page in program ranking?

My answer is “not continuously.”

Technically speaking Bounce Rate means:

THE PERCENTAGE of tourists WHO ENTER the location BY ANY suggests that (SEARCH ENGINE, SOCIAL MEDIA ETC.), read one PAGE AND LEAVE the location while not VISITING the other PAGES.

What’s the aim of a web-page?

Tell Maine one issue – Why a webmaster creates a page? Or, what’s the essential purpose of a web-page in general?

To accomplish or win one thing, right? Like teaching or giving solutions to the guests, commercialism some merchandise, email subscription, recreation and providing Ad units to click etc. totally different|completely different} web-pages have different aim or desires.

Why Google ranks a web-page high?

When a web-page achieves its goal, or once a bit of content fulfills the requirements of web-surfers in an exceedingly higher approach than others – Google ranks it higher.

During the method Google takes the assistance of various ranking signals like – however relevant is that the piece of article (query), total time spent on the page,social media shares, co-mentions and backlinks on alternative websites etc. of these strategies ar merely to determine the recognition and satisfaction level of the web-searchers or guests.

Why I don’t care bounce rate too much?

There is a commentary with heading “How to extend Traffic”on my web log Dumlr.

If you are doing a Google explore for the term increase page rank the article continuously seems on the first page. typically on high five positions, reckoning on the browser, country, territory and devices etc. For the last eight months it’s maintained the position.

With monthly page views of over 2500, does one apprehend what’s the bounce rate of this page?

It’s a whooping eighty two.35%. Still I’m terribly happy

Then why Google ranks this page thus high? it’s as a result of – This page fulfills the requirements of the guests or web-searchers. They become happy once reading the article for the keywords they were finding out. They don’t want more reference regarding the topic matter on this web log. That’s why they leave (bounce), happily.

If a web-page accomplishes its task dead, creating web-searchers happy; why not Google rank it thus high, despite a high bounce rate. For your information – eightieth or additional bounce rate is taken into account vital.

Other examples

Take for example – AN affiliate product page. Don’t you become pleased with additional variety of sales, despite a high bounce rate? This page is sure to bounce whereas playing group action with third party services like PayPal etc.

Don’t you wish the sound of AdSense click, once a traveler reads a commentary (single page) on your web log and click on on the Ad unit?

Final words: Unless and till the web-page doesn’t fulfill the requirements of tourists or time spent on the page is very low, you shouldn’t worry regarding the bounce rate of your web log. You shouldn’t contemplate deleting or re-writing the web log post because of concern of Panda.

Checkout the below tweet of Danny Sullivan, the SEO Guru of SearchEngineLand.

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