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On 11.Eleven.2011 i began my running a blog profession. And lots of exceptional men and girls had additionally started their running a blog adventure on the identical time, may be few months in advance or later.

I call them my fellow bloggers. Irrespective of area of interest and competition i think they may be my friends.

It’s very tough to song all the bloggers from unique niches. But i usually song bloggers who write approximately seo, blogging, wordpress, social media etc. It’s a aggressive niche. And surviving yr after 12 months is like prevailing a gold medal each year in olympic games.

The reasons of accidents…

It’s very sad to inform that most of my fellow bloggers are not any extra. Due to privacy motive i ‘m not going to say the names of the bloggers or even the domains right here.

1. Most of the blogs died due to the fact they not able to generate the minimal amount of sales to run a self-hosted blog. They were the use of adsense, affiliate applications and all styles of revenue technology strategies feasible. But failed.

In recent times they post as soon as in a fortnight or as soon as in a month. That still with half heartedly, and joined element-time job along side their everyday complete-time job.

2. Few bloggers don’t even posted a unmarried publish within the past few months. Those bloggers have been very aggressive from their preliminary days, and commenced buying a couple of domain names and built more than one blogs, within the wish of having rich in a single day.

Neither they capable of controlled their a couple of blogs, nor generate the minimal revenue to run them extra than a yr. They are approximately to be extincted from the blogosphere. They are death everyday, slowly and steadly.

Three. Only a few aren’t any more in blogosphere. They couldn’t even renew their domain after 12 months.

Do you know – the actual cause at the back of all of the deaths and all of the sorrows?

It’s traffic.

A very good amount of visitors that can earn a blogger a actual sales movement to survive, combat and win in the blogosphere. It’s certainly discouraging to see the man bloggers are demise helpless by using adopting defective approaches, putting unrealistic goals or even because of lack of staying power (ardour).

I hats up a majority of these (dead and demise) bloggers; only due to the fact they at least attempted an option (running a blog) in their existence and failed. What’s your opinion about future of blogging – is it vivid, dark or lifeless?


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