This is the new Sony Walkman


All signs and symptoms pointed to a brand new sony walkman(actually) at ces 2015, and the signs did not lie. The brand new walkman zx2 is real, and it is designed solely with excessive-give up audiophiles in thoughts — as sony puts it themselves, that is “the fruit of continuous refinement in high audio fine technology.”

A number of people just like the design of the zx1, sony’s preceding flagship walkman. I wasn’t certainly one of them. However i love the brand new zx2. I love the texture of its matte black casing. I love the playback buttons carved into its curved side — within the little time i’ve needed to keep the tool, my arms curled right onto the play, pause, and rewind. It’s heavier than you would first of all expect, in an amazing manner. It is solid. The exclusive gold-toned headphone jack juts wider than the body and adjacent to the microsd slot (in case you need more than the 128gb of built-in garage).

To make certain, the zx2 is not an all-in-one tool. It’s walking years-antique android — 4.2 jelly bean, to be specific, which first debuted in november 2012. And even as you could down load and play apps from google play, this isn’t meant to in shape wits with ultra-modern smartphones. The whole thing around the device is meant for an most effective audio revel in. Specs-sensible, the new walkman supports dsd, wav, aiff, flac, apple lossless, and greater. It supports bluetooth for wi-fi streaming and nfc for one-contact connection to speakers and headphones.

All this excessive constancy comes at a charge. At the same time as the current walkman a17 is available in at around $300, the zx2 will launch inside the spring for over $1,119.Ninety nine. The walkman zx2 is singularly centered on being a top class high-stop audio revel in — a surprisingly crowded category this year. Daft punk sounded pretty top thru sony’s own headphones, but i’m not about to faux i’m able to vouch for the audio fidelity right here — a ces display ground might be top 5 worse way to pay attention on any unmarried, coherent sound.

Within the intervening time, allow’s celebrate the walkman.


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