Motorola Droid Turbo Review


Here is Motorola Droid Turbo Review Enjoy. Anabolic steroids have been used by athletes, bodybuilders, and others for years to get bigger, move quicker, and last longer in opposition. They regularly worktremendously so — however no longer with out adverse consequences to the person’s health, temper, and standard properly-being. Unsurprisingly, the use of steroids is banned from in reality all athletic competitions all around the world.

I’m now not announcing Verizon and Motorola injectedthe Moto X with anabolic steroids to create the $199 Droid rapid, but they may as nicely have. The turbo takes the Moto X and pushes it to its extremes: it has a quicker processor, a higher-res screen, a better-res digital camera, and possibly most importantly, a much larger battery. On paper, the Droid rapid is the whole thing the Moto X is, simplest larger, quicker, and longer-lasting.

but just as you could’t get juiced up on steroids with none effects, the Droid turbo provides a totally unique experience than the beloved Moto X does. normally, it’s not any better.


The Moto X that Motorola launched this 12 months became a terrific refinement of last year’s design. It’s narrow in all of the right places, has top rate substances, and might also be custom designed with timber or leather-based finishes. The X’s layout is a massive part of what makes it my favorite Android telephone of the 12 months.

once I study the Droid faster, I warfare to see any of those design refinements. The turbo is chunky, heavy, and simplysimple ugly. (a number of that comes down to the more weight and thicker profile of the faster, both of that are due its massive battery.) The X’s metallic body is gone, changed by way of a mundane softtouch plastic, and the useful on-display navigation buttons were swapped for outdated capacitive keys. wherein the X curves, the faster is sharp.

THE faster does not HAVE ANY OF THE delicate fashion OF THE MOTO X


There aren’t any customization options — no wood backs or leather-based finishes — for the turbo, however Verizon is selling it in three extraordinary colorations. the first (a glossy black or smooth pink) are just unpleasant, but the 1/3 one is unique. Verizon calls it Ballistic Nylon, and it has a textured fabric end that strikes a chord in my memory of the nylon straps on a backpack. It’s almost like the faster is carrying a bulletproof vest, which is probably exactly what Verizon needs you to suppose primarily based at the ultraaggressive advertising and marketing campaigns for the Droid line. The textured end gives a little grip and resists getting scratched or dented like different materials, however I’m worried the fibers will fray over the years (and a few already have on my evaluation unit). It’s clean Verizon thinks this phone isn’t for the dainty — it’s heavy and tough and aggressive and tasks a far greater masculine appearance than Motorola’s otherphones.

in which the faster does seem to take a leap forward over the X is with its five.2-inch show. It’s the equal size because thescreen on the X, but has a much better 2560 x 1440 pixel decision. It’s a variety of pixels, however the display isn’t highly sharper than the X’s 1080p show. i can’t see the character pixels on either of them, even when I stress my eyes to discover them, and i guess you could’t both.

The screen is still AMOLED and comes with all the quirks related to that era. It has some tinting problems and colour shifts, and it could stand to be brighter outdoors, but simplest the most discerning human beings will truly have a trouble with the faster’s display screen. the use of AMOLED also allows Motorola’s great beneficial on-screen notifications, which can be one of the exceptional elements of Motorola’s smartphones.

The turbo has a front dealing with speaker, infrared motion sensors, and minimum branding, similar to the Moto X. but it lacks all of the persona of the X: the nifty layout features, the ergonomic form, the first rate-feeling herbal materials. It just looks as if a smartphone.


Motorola and Verizon swapped out the Moto X’s flawlessly applicable 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor for a slightly faster 2.7GHz chip within the faster. It’s paired with 3GB of RAM, and you may get 32 or 64GB of storage (for a $50 top class).

In principle, those enhancements ought to make the turbo carry out noticeably better than the X, however that hasn’t constantly been the case. Apps open quickly sufficient, and the Droid faster is simply rapid, however it’s now not drastically better than the already-quick X, which makes me marvel why all of us need to trouble. extra troubling is the bizarre jelly-like impact on the faster when scrolling within apps that isn’t present on some other telephone I’ve used this 12 months.


The faster’s camera is significantly better resolution than the Moto X’s — 21 megapixels vs. 13 — and it frequently takes sharper, better photographs than the X. but it’s oddly gradual: slow to launch, sluggish to focus, and slow to surely take a image, which makes it annoying to use. I missed endless pictures because my challenge (usually my infant) moved out of frame before the faster eventually took a photograph. Contrasted with the X’s lightning-rapid digicam, the turbo is irritating to take photos with, even though they regularly pop out looking good. I’d as an alternative have a faster digital camera that takes first rate images than a gradual camera that takes better ones.

The real motive the majority will don’t forget the turbo over the X is for its giant battery. The turbo has a 3,900mAh cellular, one of the most important I’ve ever visible and actually the biggest amongst phones within the faster’s length elegance. Verizon and Motorola proudly boast 48 hours of combined usage among costs, however my real-international exams didn’t pretty suit that. Over a quiet weekend, I got the turbo to stretch to 31 hours earlier than kicking the bucket, and on busier days its stamina changed into toward 24 hours. the ones aren’t shabby numbers via any way (and they’re notably higher than what i get at the Moto X), however they aren’t precisely mind-blowing or even as much as what Verizon and Motorola declare. The rapid’s battery lifestyles is similar to what i get from a great phablet, like Samsung’s Galaxy note 4.

Motorola Droid faster digital camera sample


IMG_20141109_100729035_verge_super_wide IMG_20141109_120807707_verge_super_wide IMG_20141109_122541860_verge_super_wide IMG_20141112_142653968_verge_super_wide

covered with the faster is Motorola’s faster Charger, which guarantees to provide 8 hours of existence from just 15 minutes of charging, much like what the Samsung note 4 and Motorola Nexus 6 additionally offer. I put that declare to the check, completely draining the faster and then charging it again up at the same time as powered off. It went from zero to 15 percentage within the 15-minute window, which correlates to 7.2 hours of use primarily based on Motorola’s forty eight-hour claim. Going through my real-international exceptional of 31 hours, that’s toward 4.65 hours of use from 15 mins of charging. Neither are bad consequences, but additionally they don’t match Motorola’s claims. A full price from 0 took roughly hours with the faster Charger, which is perhaps more incredible.

Like lots of Verizon’s smartphones, the Droid turbo supports wi-fi charging, which the Moto X lacks. It’s outstanding handy to plop the rapid down on a wireless charger and top it off, but it’s going to take an awful lot longer to fee than with the turbo Charger.


The software program on the Droid turbo can be familiar to all people that has followed Motorola’s paintings during the last 12 months: it’s Android 4.4 KitKat with just a handful of software program improvements from Motorola. (Motorola and Verizon have devoted to updating the faster to Android Lollipop, but there’s no specific timeline for that.) There’s no skinning, few app redundancies, and none of the cruft that different Android producers frequently pile on top of the bottom device. The Moto Voice and Moto show capabilities from the Moto X are carried right over, in addition to the fast launch gesture to convey up the digital camera.

regrettably, and possibly unsurprisingly, Verizon has loaded up the Droid rapid with lots of crapware (I counted 18 preinstalled apps not from Motorola or Google). There’s the entirety from Verizon’s own messaging app, to NFL mobile, to the provider’s totally redundant (and highly-priced) navigation app. The rapid additionally comes with Amazon’s whole suite of apps preinstalled. you could disable quite a lot all of these apps no person requested for, however it’s a chore to achieve this and sincerely shouldn’t be important.

DO yourself A choose AND GET THE MOTO X rather

As is so regularly the case with steroid use, the unintentional aspect outcomes outweigh the overall performance benefits they carry. And with the case of the Droid faster, you need to forget loads of factors to justify its restricted advantages over the much less high-priced Moto X, which might be frequently simply longer battery existence and extra consistent pictures.

The turbo doesn’t have any tangible performance benefits over the X, and the compromises made in design and software aren’t well worth the premium for most of the people. If battery life is your simplest subject (and also you’re a Verizon client), the turbo might be a higher option for you than the X. however for the relaxation folks, the turbo’s uncooked specifications don’t make for a better ordinary experience than the Moto X — and that’s what you purchase a phone for. Do yourself a want and get the Moto X rather.



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