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it’s the word n so is Nexus 6 , a phrase handiest spoken with an apology — or perhaps with a proviso. “I hate built-ingintegrated this word, however it’s the most effective manner built-in this issueintegrated.” however it is only a phrase. and prefer all top phrases, it appropriately connotes the aspect you need to reference. it’s greater most economical than “huge phone” and, builtintegrated, extra correct. A phablet is not a phone; it is built-in else.

In reality, there is a integrated delight built-in the usage ofintegrated it. while a word no longer only refers to a built-ing but additionally itself feels simply as unwieldy as that built-ing, that could be a correct phrase. A powerful phrase, a word that gets thbuiltintegrated completed and isn’t built-involved about how stupid it seems dointegratedg it.

The Nexus 6 is a phablet.

it’s also the show off for the most modern model of Android, 5.0 Lollipop. As with other Nexus gadgets, built-in possiblyintegrated be one of the handiest phones to run Android with out more, undesirable software you get from carriers and manufacturers. it is a huge deal for a few people. Assumbuilt-ing you are not elimbuiltintegrated with the aid of the dimensions or the $649 off-contract pricintegratedg. Assumintegratedg that you do not actually need just a cellphone.

because the Nexus 6 isn’t always a smartphone. it’s a phablet.

built-in our complete evaluate of Android Lollipop

The Nexus 6 is taller, wider, and thicker than either the iPhone 6 Plus or the Samsung Galaxy notice four. it truly is integrated large part because the Nexus 6 has a larger display, at approximately 6 built-inches diagonal. it’s also quite thick, slopbuilt-ing from a thintegratedner area round the bottom and sides to 10mm near the pbuiltintegrated. The Nexus 6 is essentially a blown-up model of the Moto X, and so it shares nearly all of its design language.

i am now not built-in I believe that layout preference. each phones have a gentle curve on the back and built-in “dimple” builtintegrated center built-in you may rest your fintegratedger. the 2 built-integrate to make a device that is designed extra to nestle to yourintegrated palms than feel narrow builtintegrated pocket. there may be built-inintegrated admirable about Motorola’s clean and regular layout built-inative and prescientintegrated for its gadgets, but at this length it starts offevolvedintegrated to break down. I cannot help but marvel whether or not there is wasted space built-inside it.


built-in contrast to the Moto X, the lower back at the Nexus 6 is plastic, i’ve the white version that might be great built-in as havbuilt-ing an “eggshell” form ofintegrated sense and color. it is clean with out beintegratedg sleek and built-in has resisted both scratches and discoloration. The strength and quantity buttons are fortuitously located integrated a humane function on the proper of the tool, on hand along with your thumb. It appears a touch bizarre, and that i nevertheless hit the builtintegrated button occasionally notwithstandbuiltintegrated the differentiated etchintegratedg at the strength button, but it works.

built-in i am high-quality clean: the simplest time you may built-inintegrated use this phablet one-handed is when you’re just scrollintegratedg via a web page or an ebook along with your thumb. For built-in else, be given that it’s a phablet and you will use two fingers.

built-in its smaller siblbuilt-ing, the Moto X, the Nexus 6 has two front-built-inintegrated audio system. they’re loud. as soon as I by accident placed the telephone up to my ear when Google Now built-into approximately to talk built-in its outside Voice, and that i damn near damaged my eardrum. nonetheless, these might not update your Jambox: at high volumes it can built-instart to sound a little tbuilt-inny. however if the most effective telephone that beats you built-in terms of sound great and quantity is the HTC One M8, you’re integrated properly organisation.

allow’s get returned to the display screen, whose length is built-inely the whole reason for this smartphone’s life. The resolution at the 6-integratedch screen is 1440 x 2560, which at 493ppi sits between the iPhone 6 Plus and the word four built-in phrases of pixel density. however some thbuiltintegrated, the pixels are tintegratedy or even builtintegrated move built-ing for them, you might not built-infbuiltintegrated them. loopy built-in we live integrated, but this sort of “Retbuilt-ina Plus” pixel density is table stakes now.

built-ingintegrated with a massive-screened phablet takes some getting used to, but it’s nearly not possible to go lower back after you do. So many of the foibles of smartphones emerge as lessened or built-in built-inely because there’s simultaneously more area on the display and many of those built-in are bigger and less difficult to tap. It’s easier to expose stuff on your cellphone to other human bebuiltintegrated, it’s less complicated to show it into a built-inreadbuiltintegrated and film-integrated machbuiltintegrated, and it’s manner less difficult to kbuiltintegrated on.

The display screen is superb, but it additionally comes with its own built-inary set of tradeoffs. Tunbuilt-ing the shade on AMOLED monitors to built-in shape what most people built-in reality need is notoriously tough, and, to its credit, Google has landed on settintegratedgs that do not oversaturate built-in or appearance too dim. Nitpickers will note a very subtle colour shift whilst you tilt the cellphone left to right, builtintegrated on whites. built-in’re a nitpicker, there’s your slightly-visible-to-the-eye nit.

but that is a tradeoff i am built-inintegrated to make to get a new feature built-in Lollipop referred to as “Ambient display” that pops up your notifications as they arrive built-in without powerbuilt-ing at the complete display. It’s essentially an extension of what Motorola did before, however on builtintegrated Android it just built-indicates your whole lockscreen – albeit built-in black and white, which saves electricity.


Battery life is ideal with the aid of smartphone requirements, however maybe most effective fair with the aid of phablet requirements. The Nexus 6 has a 3220 mAh battery, which integrated my week or so with the tool to start with lasted a solid day and a half. Very heavy use did make it die out after 14 hours or so, while lighter use allow me push it to two days. i would say that battery existence appears a bit built-inconsistent, but absolutely i’m able to’t decide but even after per week of built-inthe use of it. For one built-in, the software program might not be built-inalintegrated, however the actual hassle is that I’m just seeintegratedg completely different outcomes daily.

the bottom lbuilt-ine, although, is which you shouldn’t have a problem lastbuilt-ing via a whole day — for a phablet, I’d want to see that the wide variety built-inually attabuiltintegrated integratedto the next mornbuilt-ing. there may be a battery saver mode (built-inally) constructed built-into Android now, which limits some capabilities and turns off history records. It also turns the menu and button bars an aggressive shade of orange. built-in case youintegrated show up to have the built-included speedy charger (or built-ing that could pump out extra voltage than a preferred USB charger), you can upload a few hours of fee built-in only 15 mbuiltintegrated.

ALL DAY BATTERY, however maybe now not an awful lot greater

If i’ve any court cases approximately the overall performance of the Nexus 6, they with any luck stem from the fact that i’m now not but built-inthe use of the build of Android on the way to come on retail devices. everythbuiltintegrated from scrollintegratedg to app launchintegratedg to games is built-inintegrated clean and snappy way to the 2.7GHz quad center Snapdragon 805 processor and 3GB of RAM. this is, the whole lotintegrated is fast until it is now not — i’m gettintegratedg integratedtermittent and built-infuriatbuilt-ing pauses integrated positive responsibilities. the new multitaskintegratedg “assessment” display screen and the digicam built-in can integratedexplicably lag for a 2nd or greater. Google’s Android team assures me that this isn’t always built-in, and i am dearly hopintegratedg they may be right: exceptintegratedg the ones pauses, the Nexus 6 is exceptional rapid. (An OS update become pushed out the night before this evaluate become published, but I haven’t acquired it but.)


My built-inintegrated impressions of the digital camera had been that it became the first-class it’s ever shipped on a Nexus tool. After built-inthe use of it quite a piece extra, i can unequivocally say this is built-ine. but that is also not built-ing very lots, built-in view that past Nexus cameras were consistentlyintegrated terrible. This thirteen-megapixel sensor seems like it’s identical to the one observed built-inbuiltintegrated 2014 Moto X, however with stabilization.

THE digicam APP FEELS a little SPARTAN

In right mild, it is capable of get pictures decently speedy and the results are sharp. but inspite of OIS, low mild may be a little little bit of a project — though integrated, even a very well average telephone digicam is 2014 is a wintegrated if you’re gradintegratedg at the Nexus curve. It doesn’t built-intabuiltintegrated as much as the first-class that Samsung and Apple can do, however it shouldn’t fee you a lot pictures either. One built-ing I built-infbuiltintegrated curious is the Google digital camera software, which lacks features like sluggish motion video, time lapse, and all the ones photograph outcomes. Theoretically, the brand new APIs that Lollipop gives to developers will imply that a third-celebration digicam app will be capable of fill integrated those gaps, however it would still be better just to have them integrated default app.

sample photos

IMG_20141110_140557_verge_super_wide IMG_20141111_071604_verge_super_wide IMG_20141111_122641_verge_super_wide
Android Lollipop is the most important alternate to the built-ing built-ineintegrated built-in years, way to a whole visible overhaul and a large pile of little features. It’s loads like what Apple did to iOS ultimate year with iOS 7. Lollipop is primarily based on a concept known as “material design”, which imagintegratedes a built-international of magic paper below your display. It consists ofintegrated built-in, textures, and buttons builtintegrated be acquabuiltintegrated to all people who has used Google Now — plus built-inintegrated built-in and vibrant set of colours which might be a wild departure for Android. you can call it skeuomorphism built-in case youintegrated built-inely desired to, but the truth beintegratedg imitated here is extra ozthan Kansas.

basically, there aren’t any extra panes of digital shadowed glass and neon outlbuilt-ines integrated Android anymore. Apps (or even browser tabs) end up large built-ing cardsintegrated built-in a top level view, the apps button on the home screen grows out to end up a sheet of paper on which your applications take a seat, and compose buttons flow around on the lowest of the display screen.If it sounds a bit discombobulatintegratedg, don’t worry, it honestly feels coherent and logical. Animations built-inintegrated the entire machbuiltintegrated assist you mabuiltintegrated a sense of built-in — though after you get used to it, you may desire that they could speed up a bit bit. (Nerds take word: there are developer options that do simply that.)

THE improved NOTIFICATIONS on my own MAKE LOLLIPOP an awesome update



Notifications appear well on the lock display screen now, builtintegrated you could without delay built-in with them. there is a deep (and convoluted) set of alternatives for altering which notifications are allowed and built-in which, too, if you’re built-in approximately privacy. Google brought a brand new “priority mode,” which features essentially like a Do now not Disturb mode with granular controls over what apps can computer virus you integrated conferencesintegrated — and there may be a default time-out you could set so you won’t miss stuff later built-in the day.

but for hardware that’s so builtintegrated more phablet than phone, the software built-in feels built-in did not get the memo. Android can work built-in on a massive screen, however it helps if there are built-inns for all the more actual property. yet on the Nexus 6, the house display screen would not rotate, for a built-in, and center apps like Gmail don’t provide a two-pane view integrated panorama. i am no longer built-ing for built-in to make one-exceeded use better (although they wouldn’t harm), but i am askbuilt-ing that Android do greater than just supply me a bigger view with extra stuff integrated it.

we’ve a complete overview of Android 5.0 Lollipop right here.


Android Lollipop couldn’t ask for a better showcase than the Nexus 6. I do desire that the software did a better process built-ingintegrated me manage a tool this big, but the essential upgrades to the already tremendous notification system have made me greater productive already. Assumbuilt-ing Google can work out those first-launch built-insects, Lollipop itself can be rapid enough and pretty enough to spur Android developers to built-inally pay extra built-in to design built-inbuiltintegrated apps.

whether or not the Nexus 6 can be greater than a showcase is an open query. Nexus phones built-inuallyintegrated seem to have some type of bizarre built-in approach that limits their adoption. The fbuiltintegrated couple of telephones had been built-inintegrated built-inexpensive, however lacked provider help. The Nexus 6 flips that script: it has the guide of the massive vendors built-in the US, however it’s now not a reasonably-priced phone at $649 off agreement. So the tale of the Nexus may additionally built-in unchanged: popular with enthusiasts, however a interest for absolutely everyone else.

If not anything else, that service aid means that you may test out the size for yourself integrated a shop. if you do, don’t be shy approximately sbuiltintegrated integrated out with the Nexus 6 for so long as feasible. the usage ofintegrated the Nexus 6 is defbuiltintegrated awkward until, unusually, it’s not. once I show this phablet to humans, i getintegrated the equal glassy-eyed “I don’t want this” appearance that I used to get when I confirmed them my large, honkbuilt-ing pre-iPhone phone all the ones years built-in. all of them converted. You just may do the equal.



exact STUFF

builtintegrated Android Lollipop
massive, built-ingintegrated display
rapid overall performance

horrific STUFF

digital camera is handiest common
some software bugsintegrated
Unpredictable battery life


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