Monument Valley IOS And Android Game Review


Monument Valley IOS And Android Game turned into one of the excellent games to have come out this yr, not just at the mobile but in preferred. The game obtained rave reviews for its lovely art layout, wonderfully complicated levels and fascinating puzzles. It was also one of the few games we’ve reviewed to date that obtained a great 10 score. The game has additionally been featured in promotional cloth by using apple and google.

How does one observe something so a success and make sure that it’s no longer just as excellent but even better? Well, that’s what we are approximately to find out with forgotten shorelines, the first primary replace that adds 8 brand new stages to the game. Permit’s take a glance.


Forgotten shorelines keeps with the adventures of the silent princess ida as she traverses these mysterious lands designed within the late m. C. Escher fashion. The worlds have the same splendidly complex, not possible item layout that is based closely on optical illusions to join surfaces and create paths in which none sincerely exist.

The gameplay is much like the unique stages, in which you tap on a floor to make ida move there and if it is within her attain she can simply walk there. Occasionally you need to manage gadgets via moving them around to create paths for her to transport to the stop of the level.


One new gameplay detail that forgotten seashores introduces is the capacity to twist paths. You will discover levers that twist paths so that they be a part of some different floor than what they original connected. It’s an interesting gameplay mechanic and one this is used sparingly to save you overuse.


One new gameplay element that Forgotten Shores introduces is the ability to twist paths. You will find levers that twist paths so they join some other surface than what they original connected. It’s an interesting gameplay mechanic and one that is used sparingly to prevent overuse.


I feel the stages in forgotten seashores are greater complicated than before, so even though there are just 8 of them, it takes a piece longer to undergo all of them. As you pass alongside, you will meet the crow people from the previous sport, in conjunction with the trusty yellow pillar. It’s tough to accept as true with but the sport makes you get emotionally connected to a stone pillar in a way aaa games with fully fleshed out human characters can’t. This in itself is pretty a feat.

Graphics and sound

In the evaluate for the authentic sport, i gushed about the graphics. Certainly, it’s far one of the high-quality searching games i’ve visible at the cell platform, with lovely shapes and color palettes that make shiny, beautiful imagery that makes you need to simply examine rather than play.


With forgotten beaches, the developers have outdone themselves, with even extra stunning degree designs which might be bigger and extra complex than before. All of the ranges are quite fantastic and appearance stunning on high resolution retina presentations.


The music is ideal too. All the ranges have a subtle, haunting subject matter that performs inside the history that completely encapsulates the overall mysterious, spooky vibe of the visuals. But what i cherished the most about the sound that has been carried over within the update is while you circulate gadgets round, they all make an instrumental sound, that rings flawlessly in music on every occasion you flow them. You could circulate items back and forth and it looks like you’re jogging your fingers over the strings of a sitar. It sounds without a doubt adorable, and makes a simple, mundane challenge that rather more thrilling.


It’s hard now not to be overly enthusiastic about forgotten shores. The authentic recreation is a masterpiece but by some means they managed to do one higher and forgotten beaches improves upon almost the entirety in the original sport whilst giving 8 stunningly stunning worlds to play in. It’s a $2 in-app purchase if you own the original sport and agree with me, it’s miles properly well worth the extra. When you have the original recreation there may be no manner you need to pass over this.

Rating: 10/10
Professionals: stunning visuals, wonderful degree designs, stunning tune
Cons: none

Download: ios , android 



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