Largest African River Fishes


in the course of a fishing expedition on the River Congo in Africa, British angler Jeremy Wade, 52, caught Goliath tigerfish (Largest  African River Fishes).

Goliath is taken into consideration one in all the biggest freshwater fish within the international. it’s miles a lot large and extra lethal than the small piranha.

The giant fish has 32 teeth which might be comparable in size to the ones of a extraordinary white shark, and it has been demonstrated that it assaults human beings and crocodiles.


whilst humans call some thing or a person Goliath, you better anticipate to look something humongous! nicely this is truly the case of the Goliath tigerfish. the most important monster fish from this species stuck up till now changed into five ft lengthy and weighed 154 pounds, however there are indications that even lots bigger specimens roam the Lualaba River, Lake Upemba and Lake Tanganyika in Africa.




each of this monster’s razor-sharp enamel may be up to 1 inch lengthy, and whilst those “knifes” gulp on the unsuspecting prey, you could pretty tons assume a easy reduce…


The Goliath tigerfish species takes extremely long to reproduce, because, well, in a nutshell… they prefer to seek, and devour a lot, hence, they invest their energy into killing, instead of breeding. Your first intuition while you capture one of these fish could be to take it domestic and frame it, please do no longer, reason we ought to maintain the species, or else, we’ll best see it in documentaries.




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