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Cano Cristales is a Colombian Red River placed in the Serrania de la Macarena province of Meta. The river is commonly known as “The River of five hues” or “The Liquid Rainbow” and is even called the most stunning river in the international due to its hanging colours. Cano Cristales is a stunning small river flowing via the Sierra de la Macarena in Columbia’s province of Meta, dons a lovely array of colors. through attracting Colombian tourists, this top notch phenomenon & a pandemic aquatic plant stretches life and colorings. The populations of this location are controlled by means of the Colombian modern armed forces and coca manufacturing. “El rio mas bonito del Mundo”, the maximum stunning river of the sector, the “River of 5 hues”, the “Rainbow River”, or maybe the “Escaped from Paradise”, are the sparkly appellations that Colombians give to Cano Cristales, a small move located in the heart of the Macarena countrywide Park, one hundred fifty km south of Bogota.

for the duration of the more part of the year, Cano Cristales is a small move jumping down and swirling in cute massive rocky pots, rapid flooding and draining normal of these tropical regions. The river flows normally decrease in the long run of the wet season. that is the time that the river is transformed to a competition of colors. From the end of July, even as the extent of water in the end drops, Macarena clavigera, a virus aquatic plant in the Macarena Sierra, unearths an appropriate situations for its survival within the river. Firmly placing at the darkish rocks, it deploys a thick purple fuchsia hair, alongside amber and strongly mineralized move with yellow sand, between inexperienced reflections of trees and the sky’s azure touches.

The Sierra de los angeles Macarena country wide Park was shaped in 1971 to preserve this vital biological and geological area. but this biogeographical crossroads, wherein plant and animal species of the plateau of the Guianas, Amazonia and Orinoco basin pay attention, turned into then closed for several years for the duration of the career of the place by means of the Colombia innovative militia. The park safety has accelerated from closing four to 5 years, which draws more than Colombian visitor per yr.

The fresh tourist thriving on this clearly isolated vicinity, formerly controlled by using the FARCS for forty years and where the guerrillas raged, is welcomed. between the eco-publications, pirogues drivers and derived jobs, Cano Cristales and its shades guide approximately 300 families that once relied on farming and coca to live. The countrywide park commonly closes its doors in November so as to preserve the Macarena clavigera replica as a way to dons a astounding array of colors subsequent July to the river will identified as the “Escaped from Paradise”.


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